Corrupt Officiating?


I haven’t researched the validity of the above quote but it wouldn’t surprise me if true. This could potentially be massive if more refs come out.


I remember seeing something about referees being told to say they haven’t seen an incident. Not sure if the rest of the quote is true though, very strong words.


I don’t really care tbh. Players who should get punished are getting punished. Im not bothered about the mechanics of that and just wish it would happen a little more often really.


Me too. I think that rule is a little silly myself. The fact Man City were trying to say that the referee saw the incident was ridiculous. It was a clear foul and I’m glad that it was rightly punished


I won’t be surprised that there is some favouritism but I don’t feel like i should trust Mark Halsey.
He seems like a dodgy individual.


The world is corrupt, FIFA is one of the most corrupt organisations in the world .For us to bindly think that the UK isnt corrupt is naive in the extreme !
Referees get paid peanuts ,its easy to imagin there is room for corruption !


In terms of a clubs return on investment on investment on players versus refs, maybe the better Q would be, why wouldn’t it happen?


Dafuq?? Haha how cute, Michael Oliver thinks he’s the Mesut Özil of officiating :ozil:


Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest probably about as corrupt as UEFA’s round of 16 Champions League draws.


So, not very corrupt at all then.


Any idea on what the odds are of us getting Bayern/ Barca in the rd of 16 5 times in 7 years ? Would be astronomical i would have thought.


Tell me how they done it so?

Don’t they bring on ex footballers etc to do the draw? They in on it too?


1st of all I will get back to you on the chances of us drawing them 5 times in 7 years, I think its effectively 6 years also as 2012 we couldn’t get Bayern or Barca. I have a hard time believing this is just a coincidence.


All I know is that’s a corrupt ass haircut if I’ve ever seen one.


Well first of all it’s not six years because as you say we couldnt have drawn them. Secondly something being unlikely does not mean that it can’t happen. Why are UEFA picking on us like this exactly? What are they gaining by constantly pairing us with Bayern?

Again ill ask, why if they wanted to rig a draw would they bring ex players into the mix?


To answer the 1st point they want some sort of glamour ties in the Round of 16 for TV ratings without pitting 2 really big boys together and we fit that mould perfectly… e.g. No way known would Barca have been drawn against Bayern in the rd 16 but they also don’t want a bunch of average ties.

  1. Second one I don’t have an explanation for.


That’s a really rubbish reason for thinking the draw is rigged when you can’t answer the much more important question that follows.


What would UEFA achieve by fixing fixtures?

Instead getting big clubs to face each other in quarter finals actually dilute the competition in later stages.

Bayern, Arsenal, PSG and Barca facing each other will take two big fan base away from CL which could have earned serious revenue for UEFA.

Having the likes of Sevilla, Benfica, Leverkusen in quarterfinals doesn’t do anything for TV revenue.


Apart from give Real Madrid their annual easy quarter final Tie so they are guaranteed to make it right to the pointy end.


But again the question is what do they gain out of it?
We won FA cup by playing Hull and Aston Villa. It’s just luck of the draw imo.