Corrupt Officiating?


In our defence the year we beat Hull I think we knocked out Tottenham, Liverpool & Everton along the way. Yeah lets hope it is, I think Im just bitter about being drawn against Bayern/ Barca at the earliest possible stage 5 times in 6 attempts :joy_cat:


There’s no way they’d want to get rid of such a big TV audience as Arsenal so early on.


No idea about the answer to your question, but didn’t Blatter say he had witnessed UEFA fix the draws with heating and cooling those balls with cards in them or something, back when he was in the corruption thing with Platini? Might have been for the EUROs, don’t remember.


^ for convinience if anyone would like to read up on it. Legit top link of Google so no idea how reliable.

Edit: I also find it quite naive that you lot think the only (or at least most viable) reason to rig a draw is so Team A/Team B etc can get through a round safely to save big games for finals. :smile:


Hot and cold balls is the only plausible explanation ive ever heard for how this could be done but even then, at a maximum you could only get one tie exactly the way you’d want it so what’s the point of doing that in an eight match draw? Unless they are throwing the balls into the freezer mid draw when the guy is talking bollocks :smile:

Again though I think that scenario fails because you have to convince the guest ball drawer to be in on it.

What are the other reasons? Not that I don’t think there are other reasons, just interested to see your take on it.


If it’s fixed, it’s not because the higher ups want an all action and all star Bayern and Madrid in a final type of event.

It’s because there is money to be made. The teams involved won’t necessarily be pertinent.


Id argue that the teams involved are extremely pertinent as to how much money gets made. They’d probably have a united real/braca final every year if they could.

But yes, if they were fixing it it would be to gain money…but that essentially equates to the same thing in terms of favouring particular clubs in any case.


Football on the continent can be bent and to think it isnt in this country too is naive !


I did say ‘necessarily’ :slight_smile: . Obviously the ideal scenario for everyone is that the bigger clubs reach the finals, with or without corruption.


Yeah I’ll be honest, as soon as Arsenal are out of the Champions League I stop watching.

I MIGHT go out of my way to watch the final, maybe, but it’s unlikely. My tv viewing of the CL is directly correlated to Arsenal’s progression.

The odd 4-3 banger of a semi-final doesn’t outweigh the dozens of other shitfests I’ve watched at CL level so I can’t be bothered to re-arrange my Tuesday and Wednesday nights for them.


Really well lets forget playing the game and go straight for the bribery then !


My Tuesday and Wednesday nights nearly always consist of planting my arse on the couch after cooking dinner, so it doesn’t take much rearranging to get the football on.

You clearly lead a more exciting life than me mate haha


Haha well I’ve got boxing on Tuesday nights which means I miss game more often than not. Wednesdays are a whatever night depends on if my gf wants to do something haha


Don’t lie you fairy we all know you spend your tuesday evenings sucking dick for money.

Doc told us. :smile: