Im with you. I’d rather not, so let’s just play both sides like the pros we are :handshake:

On topic, I think we are now at the stage where getting vaccinated is the most crucial thing of all.

Once that happens, your risk from becoming extremely unwell with Covid, and your risk of passing Covid on reduces exponentially.

In theory, you don’t have to bother with masks, you can visit whoever.

This applies to everyone. But there is such a disparity between who has access to these vaccines, it’s sad.

The key is to get vaccines in as many arms as possible in the world.

If a population isn’t vaccinated then they will have to go with the lockdowns and restrictions etc.

I can guarantee you @Kroenkeoutplease the hospitalisations your friend talks about - are 2 groups of people:

  1. Those with no symptoms whatsoever, who test positive on admission to hospital over an entirely different thing. (Everyone gets a test on admission). They remain well from this PoV, finish their 2 weeks isolation and go home depending on their other thing.
    Some also finish their isolation at home if they get better in time.

  2. Young people without a vaccine who will be unwell, and sadly may die.

Group 1 is in the majority imo. And group 2 will get smaller and smaller as we get those jabs in arms.

GET YOUR JABS PEOPLE. You can sign up and register on the gov website at least here in Scotland, so please do it.


Delta variant reported to give effects of gangrene and hearing loss.

Damn :pensive:

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I personally don’t understand why people don’t want the vaccine. It should be compulsory. Anyone refusing to have the vaccine shouldn’t be allowed to travel and in the event of them catching Covid they should be made to pay for all medical expenses.

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Just quote the part you agree with and leave a :heart: Or say ‘I like’


Hmm, I thought this at one point, too. I understand it contravenes a law? Nuremberg Law, or something? (Don’t quote me on that)

People should be compelled to want to have the vaccine, for sure. It’s the quickest way to get out of lockdown and, more importantly, keep others safe.

However, if there’s one thing my profession has taught me, it’s to question every drug. The MHRA has passed an emergency green light on the vaccines, allowing them to be administered. It does make you wonder just how rigorous the pre-clinical trials were. Indeed, if I went for the jab very early in the year and I ended up receiving the AZ version, I could have been one of the unfortunate lot with serious clotting side effects due to my age bracket.

I have friends that are anti-vaxers (or whatever they’re branding themselves nowadays). It puts a serious strain on the friendship, particularly when COVID and vaccinations are their only go-to subjects on a day/night out :man_facepalming: I disagree with their stance because they are vehemently protesting against those having the vaccine. Likewise, I’m not going to condemn those who decide not to have the vaccine due to their own personal views (maybe they’ve already had COVID and don’t want to experience the secondary immune response, for example)



I’ve got a text :grin:

Appointment for first dose is 3rd July :fire::fire::fire::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Great stuff. We would all be so so fucked without these vaccines.


Really well done.

Also, as now the majority of hospital admissions with Covid are younger people, we should be vaccinating them too.

There is no reason kids of all ages shouldn’t get the Pfizer vaccine or Moderna vaccines if they are.proven effective.


Great news. This would not of happened under Trump.


Why are the oil state nations not all over this vaccine donation stuff. An actual scenario where the world might sit up and think, fair play. Nope, gotta sign Donnarumma on 400k a week.



Good job that’s just your opinion and it’s doesn’t actually matter :roll_eyes:

Honestly, the gall of people like you thinking your opinion on things like this matter. Thinking that your opinion on what people should and shouldn’t be putting into their bodies is right.
Surely it makes no difference to you if you’ve been vaccinated does it?
How about before making such tyrannical statements, you carry on going about your life and worry about yourself :+1:


Absolutely, no one should be forced to take something that has been fast tracked and skipped normal protocol for humans.

I’m all for freedom of choice, people that want to get the vaccine great, but it should be done without pressure of being forced.


Opinions are like arseholes , everyone’s got one and your talking out of yours .
Anyone who doesn’t have the vaccine are selfish and have no thoughts but for themselves. This pandemic has crippled the world , economies , businesses and the health services. Two simple jabs ………

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I don’t agree with this sentiment. As someone who will be vaccinated before the summer is up, my decision to take it was one I took myself but I do not believe anyone should be forced to take it.

I totally get the trepidation. It was a fast tracked vaccine and people are being asked to trust pharmaceutical companies and governments that are hardly beacons of honesty and reliability. So I totally get it.


Who is being forced to take it?


This is questionable, at best.

If we’re going down the route, let’s just withdraw free treatment for anyone who is in any way culpable for their own injury or disease. Smokers, pay up for your cancer treatment, go full Walter White or meekly die, your call mate. Horse riders with broken collar bones, shouldn’t have got on the horse in the first place, what a stupidly risky activity to partake in when we’ve got far safer methods of transport that can be used. Had a car crash in part because of your tiredness and the fact that you didn’t take a break at a service centre, if you can’t afford to be cut out of the twisted wreck that is your car, well just leave you in there til you figure out a plan of payment. If you’ve developed type 2 diabetes, you can pay for your own insulin or get fucked, that’ll teach you to have eaten so much cake you greedy bastard.

You can’t start withdrawing people’s access to “free” services provided by the NHS because you think they’re personally to blame for the situation they find themselves in. Its impractical, but also pretty fucking callous.

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