Again, huge sections of the economy have seen a massive shock already, like the airlines/aviation, travel etc. The stock market has seen the most severe downfall since 2008. The disruption has already happened IMO.

They should then give the PL positions in alphabetical order.

Eddie Howe, PL champion :sunglasses:

At least we’d still be in the CL though, along with Aston Villa and Brighton (unless I’m missing another A or B team). Good times.

And guess who’s relegated, babes :wink:

Stockpiling of food and essentials given the current level of the epidemic seems crazy, but we’re fed a diet through Hollywood of disaster movies / walking dead / end of the world type shows one after another, so it kinda doesn’t surprise me. It feeds people’s paranoia and surely without it everyone would act far more rationally


Ebola had 50% mortality rate but this virus is a concern because of tourism.

Effff youuuu Chinese tourists :sob:

That said, I am told that the virus doesn’t survive under hot weather and if true, for first time in my life, I would be grateful to onset of Mumbai summer. Please come soon.

Happened maybe. Finished, certainly not.

Normally true (if the common cold and flu are anything to go by)

Having said that, swine flu had us all by the bollocks in summer 2009.

As a teacher I worry a little bit. I’m feeling a little unwell today after turning away some feverish pupils over the last few days. Please close my school lol.


Do you think they’ll extend terms into the summer if there is forced closure?

I can see them doing that with exams, perhaps, but anything up to year 9, they’ll just draw a line under it and call it a loss.

Flu viruses don’t ‘go away’ in hot weather, it’s just we’re more active in the summer and stimulate our immune systems better to act against the viruses circling among the population

This won’t get contained. We’ll be in the 100,000’s affected by the end of the month. Seems like it spreads like wildfire.

115 confirmed cases. Probably another 2,000 odd currently in incubation stage.

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Isn’t it to do with the air? :thinking:

Le Tiss says it’s no biggie.

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“Le Tiss says “it’s taking le piss””

Exactly its like they almost want us to panic and lose our minds !? Fck giving this the energy it so craves !! Have a cup of tea - Keep Calm Motherfckrs :rofl::rofl:

Cant see teachers agreeing that.

so if players carnt shake each others hands does this mean that they carnt handle the ball ie no throw inns, repositong the ball from the corner spot, Gk carnt save it just incase they spread the infection onto the ball :joy:

They can do that if they like, but I won’t be there teaching anyone :joy: