Cohen Bramall

Under Wenger:

“Arsene coaching me most days after I signed in 2017 and in pre-season was just amazing. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with not just a good coach, but such a good human being. I had a lot of one on one conversations with him. It was just inspiring to listen to him.”

“When Arsene was there and I was with the first-team, I didn’t feel a lot of pressure and didn’t put unnecessary pressure on myself. I felt really comfortable and that I was fitting in nicely.”

Under Emery:

“I didn’t have a conversation with Unai at all. That’s the thing. I didn’t have a conversation with him once. I’m guessing he was told I didn’t have the best of loans at Birmingham, so he just binned me off.”

“When Unai came in I was hoping to train across with the first-team but I didn’t really get that opportunity. That’s the thing that upset me a bit because I didn’t get the chance to show Unai what I could do, like I did with Arsene.”

Ideally, we want a mix of this. Clearly players were too comfortable under Wenger. But at the same time, I think manager/player relationships are important – just look at Klopp and Pep. Emery could have handled this better even if ultimately the decision to let Bramall go was the right one.

Thing is once Unai came in it was under the new regime. I’d suspect someone else made their evaluations about his future, not just that Emery hated his YouTube compilation.

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I’ll wait until a player that matters here says the same because Emery has form with this weirdness.

But Bramall was another of Wenger’s completely pointless signings.


Yeah hard to make too much of this… I really can’t see why a new manager would invest in a player like this who he and others have probably already written off…

Its sad for the kid, but as others have said, it was a total flier that didn’t work out at best, or at worst a completely pointless signing.

At the end of the day he’s got Arsenal on his CV now so it won’t be difficult for him to get trials at other FL clubs at the very least.