Cohen Bramall


Cohen now, Chambers on loan with Boro, Holding still in the squad, Oxlade and Jackie are still young, Iwobi is very young, Willock (like Niles) month by month is present with the first team, apparently we’re scouting Pickford.

Arsène is ready to prepare us for the Brexit.


Think he is going to some Championship teams. The Premier League is still too much for him.



He looks like he has just won a prize in the “Play for Arsenal” competition.


^^^^ i see another Emoticon out of this lol!!


[quote=“Maverick79, post:85, topic:1108, full:true”]
i see another Emoticon out of this lol!!
[/quote]Only if he becomes a regular here. Don’t have smililes for every Tom, Dick and Harry at Arsenal :cristo:


Do we have one for Mustafi though? Or am I just blind. Maybe we should? I don’t have any suggestion of pic to contribute though :smiley: anyone else want one?


lol, i know, i am was just saying that would be a perfect facial expression for one if he ever becomes a regular.


Live stream of Bramall’s debut.


Hopefully he makes it and gets promoted to the first team, would be a cinderella-a la leicester story.


How is he doing @birmingham?


He hasn’t had a huge amount of game time to be honest. Plus Birmingham have a left back called Colin – you can’t displace a footballer called Colin :grin:

Birmingham fans seem to like him though. We’ll see if he gets more games under Monk.