Cohen Bramall

Welcome to the Arsenal.

Non-league :o:

Our last non league signing did alright. Heres to this one!

I don’t know him, lol.

Said to be costing the club £40k.

Young starlet in-a-making :expressionless:. I have already heard this thing.

I really couldn’t give a fuck. Until he makes the breakthrough and i claim I believed in him all along. :slight_smile:


He will be a key player for our U21.

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Fantastic news for Cohen Bramall, his family and Hednesford Town football club. Otherwise to the rest of us it’s not worth the interest the story generates, but every cheap player signed by Wenger is subject to unequal and unfair amounts of scrutiny.

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‘Exceptional physical talent’ are other words for shite footballer. Next.

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Because these random youngsters have a serious outlook on minutes here. Jenkinson and Sanogo were enough.

Jenkinson was a little further up the established food chain when he arrived here, this guy is playing at sub-level 6 of the pyramid. It’s a 100% shot to nothing that deserves zero scorn whatsoever, yet somehow will still get it.


I am a little excited. I like an underdog story.

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Wow. League One was were Jenkinson came from that is still sad.

If you don’t want scorn make it very clear he’s bought for the u23s and don’t compare him with Ashley Cole.

If he reminds Wenger of Ashley Cole then so what?

Its not like he said he is as good as prime Ashley Cole.

No. But dropping names like that creates, unfair to Bramall tbh, expectations.

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So excited to get a project as our first signing in 2017

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Surely this will assuage Sanchez’ and Ozil’s anxiety about our ambitions…

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Sanchez and Ozil would love to play with this kid, over money and trophy.

Our CM partnership is pretty shit right now, and probably Wenger will bring back Kallstrom to please them.

Good ole Kim is still a hero of mine for contributing to that epic 4-4 draw with Germany :campbell:


Short video interview with Bramall on his move.