Christopher Nkunku

I read on another forum that PSG are about too agree a deal with Napoli for Allan for €100 million. If the new regime truely wants Nkunku this should happen.

Not familiar with the player though.

Like AMN, he is very versatile.

Can play CM, On the wing and RB. Given the apparentl financial circumstances, a loan deal would make sense but for a player with potential but no experience? Not sure how this signing would help us with a top 4 finish; could be more of a depth signing.

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Nkunku was probably offered to us…

#Paredes to #Psg is a deal done according to @lequipe ✅✍🏻

— Francesco Porzio (@fraporzio95) 24 januari 2019

@Mercenary without money, if our situation is what it is, making signings which can actually help with making the top 4 can’t really be made.

Sounds a bit like we’re trying to invest in youth again which is cool and all but I don’t think we really need another AMN, hell I don’t even think we need the one we have.

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I agree with you, but I feel if we are to just focus on loan signing then perhaps there is a market out there which allows us to sign players on loan with proven quality or first team experience?

It all feels a bit desperate and that we’re loaning whoever we can is offered to us. We’re like the skint mate at the pub that has everyone buying drinks for him because he has no cash.

I’m no sure that’s the type of player which is going to be available on a mid season loan. It’s really no coincedence that names like Suarez and Nkunku come up I reckon.

Providing that there’s actually some truth to these reports, would love to see Yacine Adli’s reaction to this. Poor chap


Would rather Denny Swazza tbh. We already have AMN who will be the default auxiliary squad player that can fill in all over the pitch. At least with Suarez, he has some acumen playing on the wing or in a ACM role, which I’d rather we fill for the time being.

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Would rather this guy tbh. Looks a baller


Although the deal is complex and at an early stage, there is full consensus across the Arsenal hierarchy that it should be pursued.

He actually reads like such a PR release :arteta:

Fair play, makes his credibility iron tight.

Yay another player that can play 8 positions.

@Electrifying :arteta:


I’m the only one thinking Maitland-Niles is gone from Arsenal sooner rather than later? If not for those injuries I’m not sure he would have gotten any minutes.

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Think Blanc gave this kid his debut, but Emery played this kid a lot, maybe he rates him.

Think he poses too many uses and realistically, if you’re a limited club and you can’t afford to buy class in every position, then a Maitland-Niles type of player will always have a place in the squad at least.