Chinese Football Thread


Why should they? The NHL is still the biggest hockey league in the world isn’t it?


These leagues will always be limited while they have limited foreigners but it doesn’t hurt to kickstart things.

I’m really interested to see how China develops. We’ve seen money make clubs like Man City and PSG forces in Europe, so why couldn’t even more money spread throughout a whole league see similar results at league level?

If these clubs take things seriously and invest in coaching and scouting then they could really produce some talent. Sure England has hundreds of pro clubs so it’s easier for talent to play and be seen by bigger clubs, but looking at the current England squad half of the players came through Premier League academies anyway.

Even if you had a league that only had 10-15 top clubs if they were making sure they were finding the most talented kids in China and giving them the best coaching, in 15-20 years China could have a proper mens team and maybe even a half decent league. If Portugal can win the Euros then a country with 100 times the population and a lot more money in their league should be able to put together a half decent team.

I have a feeling most of these clubs will just try and go full galactico for a few years though and not bother investing in the future.


I get your overall point, but Portugal has a very rich football history :wink:. Doesn’t feel like the best comparison.



The Chinese just want to get into the WC finals… not winning it. As long as they can beat Japan, Korea and some middle East teams they can achieve that. So it is quite possible, not like Portugal “winning” the Euro though.


A lack of history and prestige will, same as with the US, always hold them back.


As far as they are concerned Tevez is the gift that keeps on giving.

Everyone wins in that scenario.


Banter league


Fuck me. €300m.

If i were Madrid i would have taken that in a fucking instant. Not that Ronaldo would have accepted thereafter.


48 team world cup sorts that out.


It depends on how many slots open for Asian region.

Korea, Japan, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UAE are teams that China can’t beat… and Syria, Uzbekistan and Iraq are not easy teams for them also.
Don’t think they will have 8-10 slots for Asia.

But to be fair, some middle east teams should not be included in the Asian region, also Australia.


Id imagine they will be holding a tournament quite soon. Could even get a chance of the Qatar one yet imo.
Not sure that arguments run its course yet.


Can’t wait till this is the ‘best league in the world’

All in on the Super League train. I welcome our new Chinese Overlords.



Another one bites the dust… Nice touch from Mikel with the open letter though


Being reported as a free transfer. Nice statement that, apart from the only club in London to have won the CL part. :rage:


Nice statement


Who is everyone picking as their Chinese team to GO for?

I’m going for Guangzhou Evergrande I think. Don’t want to jump on the bandwagon too much of one of the Shanghai BIG TWO (and I don’t know the names of any of the others)


They would be my pick. Used to get betting tips for them, they won me a lot of money!


Be funny to see what happens in a year when they havent paid the transfer fees or the wages owed !


Guangzhou are the most winningest team so it would be bandwagon-jumping. :wink:

The Shanghai teams haven’t won the league yet.

I think I will go for Beijing Guoan, capital club yknow?