Chinese Football Thread


Yeah, nice touchy feely letter an’ all that, but the cunt will still be kicking every fucker in sight.


Having done some appropriate research about who is good and who isn’t, I’ve decided to perform the sneakiest of u-turns. I now support the other Guangzhou team, Guangzhou R & F (that’s Rich and Force to you) :flushed:


The problem is amount of talents these days.
We hardly have more than 2 world class players in PL clubs. Hardly any at Italian, German clubs.
It takes select few in Bayern, Barca, Real to have enough class players to see the football at its absolute best.

So if more leagues come in, the dilution of player quality will be massive.

Couple that with ridiculous player wages to follow, I doubt this is good for football.


Paying 60-70-80m on c-level players at best isn’t going to have a lasting effect anyway.

They need youth development first and the right staff to support them but that’s going to be a hard task when money’s your only pulling factor…


Money being the only pulling factor seemed to work alright for Chelsea and City.

But tbh you are bang on the money.


Tbf I’d take the rainy English weather over the dumpster fire that is China’s big cities too.


It’ll stop soon because the Chinese government don’t want so much of the money going outside China as it currently is.

But if I were a football player at the peak of my career playing for a big European club and a Chinese club came along, offered me £30m a year for 4-5 years I would take it without even hesitating.


Id sell my mum for that money. But hopefully you are spot on.

Makes you wonder though, eventually the the status quo of european football will have to be broken, surely?


Nah, don’t think so. Will need about a 100 years of history or a complete collapse of European football for that to happen.


If you were a footballer who has earned hundreds of millions throughout his career you might felt otherwise.


5m a year while being average or past it at your job must be a dream.


Except most footballers don’t earn hundreds of millions throughout their career. Very few do.


I am not only talking wages, when you amass together endorsement and sponsorship deals, bonuses, etc, I think it is fair to assume a good amount of the top players in the big clubs in Europe will have earned more than a hundred million at the peak of their career.

But you are right, 150mil in a 4-5 year deal is a lucrative offer for most footballers.


I wouldn’t go if I was an elite player in my Prime, someone like Sanchez for e.g. will be set up for life with his earnings in Europe Regardless.



to clarify, i believe a more accurate explanation is:

Chinese clubs now have to match any expenditure on foreign player transfers by investing the same amount into a football development fund.


100% tax lol

The Chinese FA wasting no time here. They want a slice of the money pie


Nice way to snap up 30M USD.

Good for Boca fans.


some people really have it made huh, this guy got 10s of millions for basically fucking off to china for a while to literally score a handful of goals and play a handful of minutes and play the worst he has ever played and generally not bother. I wish i could be paid so well for basically doing fuck all!