Chinese Football Thread


Maybe, Shammy, but money usually wins out in most things. As I said there are plenty of precedents to that sort of thing here in north America, teams being moved lock, stock and barrel to cities across the continent.


Yea but it’s really not the same thing. Like not even remotely close to what a team like Barca moving country would be.


It’s interesting to just wonder for now, but maybe should wait and see.


Bigger issue for me is the chinese business involvment in domestic and european teams. This could have a bigger impact on their interest and development of their league and growth in the game.


How come?

I think when you say bad for the sport what you really mean is bad for the business model of European clubs. They have to adapt to change and it’s easier to adapt when you’re already at the top.

I personally think it’s great for the sport. It would be awesome if the “top 5 leagues” were England, Spain, Germany, USA, China rather than 5 Europeans.

For supposedly the biggest sport in the world the level of the professional game outside Europe is pretty terrible. If football is big in Asia then Asian kids will take it more seriously and who knows, in 30 years we might have a world cup final between Spain and China. The USA did the same thing except on a smaller scale and that’s turning into a half decent league, so I can’t see any problem with China doing it but a bit faster.

And foreign investors have come into European clubs and done the exact same thing anyway so I can’t see much difference between Shanghai and Man City doing it. It’s also a bit of double standards for brands like the Premier League to get rich expanding into Asia by charging them millions to see English football and then getting upset that when you spread top level football to these places that they might want to give it a go themselves.

Culturally football is only a big thing in Europe and South America which is why the best players come from Europe and South America. In England many childhood heros are football players of the time. I doubt Chinese kids are dreaming of becoming a Chinese player. If the sport as a whole could tap into countries like China and Japan and get them producing talent at the same kind of rate Europeans do then that’ll be great for the sport. Between India and China that’s something like 35% of the world’s population and between them they can’t even get a team ranked in the top 50 by FIFA.


Can’t wait until the Chinese Premier League is the best league on the planet.

When world class players that top Premier league teams and the likes of Bayern go for reject them for Guangzhou Evergrande, maybe these fucks that control our sport will finally do something about the money problem in football.


If you think football will end up being saved by the people that pay Pelle €16,000,000 a year then I have news for you. :smile:


Well not saved, but ruined enough by the ‘wrong’ people, not making Platini, Infantino fat bucks to make those guys do something.


If your selling to the Chinese it MUST be Cash on delivery or u will never see the money . You will find the company that buys the player has no assets and they will renege on the deal unless they are making loads themselves. Many transfers are in installments . Suing in a Chinese court is all but impossuble. All that glitters is not gold.


Is this what you were driving at?


“Why you no bruddy rissen!” - Benny Hill.


Shanghai Shenhua is offering 78.2 Millions to Boca Juniors for Tevez, and to tovez a salary of 770k USD a week.

That is a MASSIVE salary and transfer fee. Crazy numbers.


The sale of Carlos Tevez from Boca Juniors to Shanghai Shenhua has been confirmed.

Although no financial details of the deal were released, reports have suggested that the Chinese club paid €84m (£71.6m) for Tevez, who returned to Argentina last year after spells in England and Italy.

That hefty price tag would make Tevez the world’s sixth most expensive player, behind Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuaín and Neymar.

Tevez is also in line to become the sport’s highest paid player with the striker reportedly earning around £615,000 per week on a two-year contract with Shanghai Shenhu

That is absolutely crazy money, I bet Boca can’t quite believe the jackpot they’ve landed. Also, I see he is going to be managed by Gus Poyet :joy:


£71.6m is ridiculous money lol


Just fucking wow.


Mmmmm I simply dont beleive the amounts that are reported are real , and as Ive said b4 wether the selling club or the player gets what they thought they were getting is another question too !


There’s got to be some truth to it though. The only reason players are going there is the amount of money on offer there is absolutely no other gain to be had other than financial.


Players go to MLS before retirement may not happen again.
Going to China will be a new trend.

Latest news (after Tevez transaction), Beijing Guoan put an offer on table for Galatasaray’s Podolski. The club said they are willing to accept it, and just depends on Poldi’s choice.

Man… this is much better than any 401k or retirement plan.


The USA as being the USA does speak more to the imagination than China does I imagine :wink:.

But yeah. They are a serious competitor now for USA/Middle-East/Turkey. Even players who are supposed to be in or close to their prime go to China (Texeira/Oscar)


The MLS and NHL are the same, can’t beat the NFL, NBA and MLB in U.S.