They all do. The “clown show” at Arsenal they used to make fun of just 18 months ago is now the model they all want to follow.
The irony…

I thought this too and hope you’re right, I don’t want them getting too organised like we seem to have done.

I guess a lot of it comes down to personal relationships. If he thinks Potter is a guy he can talk to and work with who’ll go in directions he wants to it may work out. Tuchel was known for rubbing people up the wrong way so I imagine if you buy a club and he’s there there and giving you excuses then I can see why the relationship might not last.

I think Arteta’s (or Edu’s?) biggest success was convincing the club that the squad was rotten and needed a while to be corrected before anything good could happen. Maybe Potter can get away with that somewhat too.


How’s the league table looking :thinking:



How many world class players have Brighton accrued over the last however many years?

This has disaster written all over it. They’re taking a successful setup from a lower to mid table PL club and trying to use that setup to translate it to success at the very highest level of the game.

When you look at how we’ve approached things it hasn’t been a secret where we’ve been chasing totally unknown commodities. We’ve signed Jesus, Partey, Odegaard who were 3 high profile players. We also signed Saliba who was a high profile young talent. We signed Zinchenko from City. We paid £50m for Ben White.

Our talent ID has been excellent but it was done using some mid table setup where we’re trying to sign gems using stats and metrics.


Exactly, Chelsea are idiots if they thought Potter could turn them into title contenders straight away.
What he did at Brighton was done over several seasons, so to step up and manage players a level above, was never going to be easy.

Their supporters have become entitled and want instant success, because they got used to Abramovich bailing them out, but Boehly wants to build a young team rather than buying success.

Potter is going to need at least a season to start turning things round and plastic supporters like Chelsea, aren’t interested in that so, if they don’t get top four, he’ll have to go.

Plus, the guy everybody considered the real brains at Brighton (Dan Ashworth) already went to Newcastle. Chelsea is signing the entire band except the lead singer.


the funny thing is, that they are taking all of these people but brighton are playing better than they did before and chelsea are getting worse. You love to see it :henry2:


I don’t think this is fair tbh.

I mean you’re not saying anything untrue, but why is that a problem? It’s not their fault that they have Brighton budgets, Brighton wages and Brighton prestige (/lack of) to offer.

It’s not like there is an array of heavy hitters from big clubs with flawless track records of building amazing big club teams out there that are looking for work.

The most important thing with recruitment is not finding gems other clubs haven’t heard of and winning the net spend game by making them valuable, its finding the right fits and personalities for what your club and coach need to deliver as a unit. You point out cases like Odegaard and Zinchenko - they’ve been successes because they tick those boxes within our setup. They weren’t the most in demand but they were all good fits for Arteta and Arsenal.

So I can’t see why it’s a bad idea to have people who have successfully identified players to fit with what this coach tries to do. If you’re going to be looking at Ben Whites rather than Aubameyangs that’s surely a step in the right direction.

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Just a little reminder that we’re 16 points above these cunts :tada:


Benjamin White and maybe Bissouma?

I suspect they’ll be back to where they were pre-Abromavich.

No more sugar daddy owner, no more taking losses on overpaid flop players and managers and other teams are more competitive even further down the table.

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Without unlimited/oil money, they are just another club.

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I really like Lamptey, cant believe he isnt in their first time anymore or didnt get a move elsewhere

If Lukaku’s fitness issues persist they may find it hard to move him on next summer. :grin:

Batshuayi 2.0 incoming

Lmao, the guy wants 300k pw, madness.


Guy ain’t even worth 300 quid


Heard he was one of the USA’s best defenders today.


Some players are so out of touch with their actual ability because they surround themselves with sycophants. Be that their sponsors, their management / agent, YouTube arse lickers etc.

He’s obviously a good footballer but my word, he’s not a 200k/w player. Imagine rejecting a deal like that because you think you deserve another 50% on top of that.

He needs to maximise his worth, I get that. But talk about overplaying your hand.