Chelsea Vs Arsenal (PL)


Premier League Match 2
Saturday 18 August
Stamford Bridge
KO: 17:30 :clock530:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Chelsea win

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We go again. COYG. Couldn’t have asked for two harder games to start with ffs :joy: Just hope we don’t lose. I’ll say 1-1


Ugh. Feels like our season won’t start until the West Ham game.


It’s really annoying isn’t it

If we snatch a draw I’ll be thrilled


I’ll happily take a point but I’m not at all confident


We could have got Liverpool at Anfield and that would be harder. Think this is a toss up between Chelsea edging it 2-1 or a 1-1 draw, we won’t be winning that’s for sure. Going to say 2-1 Chelsea Hazard winning it late.


Dont think where ready for fixtures like this yet. Im expecting a loss but hope for a draw. Its all a learning curve for everyone. Just looking for passages of improvement on today tbh. Chelsea 2 0.


Honestly if we can win the midfield battle we can apply enough pressure to win. The Manager has to get that combination right.

This will be the key test to see whether we’ve got another Wenger on our hands. Ok we lost to City, use that to reflect, improve and make alterations in the 11


Two teams rebuilding. Could go either way atm.


Chelsea are in the same position we are. Nevermind signings, they didn’t even get their manager until like 3 weeks ago.

We really should not lose this game.


Okay, we’ve had the rehearsal against City, Emery will have made his adjustments and we’ll just fucking go for it. Let’s not forget the Chavs were just cruising by a bunch of planks like 'Uddersfield, so let’s not get the shits about their 0-3 result.


Should set up to be okwithput possession for long periods against this Chelsea too tbh


Fuck this I already hate this season.


I agree Craig. Only issue is, they’re due a win against us. They haven’t beaten us in like 3 seasons.

It’s kinda what i was hoping would happen against those wankers yesterday. After constant maulings, I was hoping we’d stem the tide.


If the midfield battle is Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho against any midfield featuring Granit fucking Xhaka then the midfield battle has already been won and not by us.


Dreading this. If we loose its all doom and gloom and the season havent even started yet.


Erm yes they have. Both games v them in the league last season were draws. But before that they won 3 out of 4 league games.

In fact, we’ve only beaten them once in the league in 6 years – and that one game was a poisoned chalice because it spurned them on to go and win the league, that was the turning point in their season.

Our wins against them mainly come in cups/community shields.


If Auba and Laca play together like they did in Dublin we can cause them problems. No more Ozil and Mkhi on the wings.


Get Wenga back :wenger:


Enjoyed the seasons under a manager who was clearly outdated?


With Emery we have a manager that will try and change things and not take several seasons to do it, which was what happened under Wenger.
Playing away to Chelsea won’t be easy but I expect changes in the team and changes in the way we played against Man City.

There is no real pressure on us so if we get a result, and more importantly a decent performance, then we know we are heading in the right direction.

Man City worked harder than us and pressed us constantly into making mistakes, which is a tactic I thought Emery was going to get our team to use, so hopefully we will see more pressing against Chelsea.