Chelsea vs Arsenal (PL) - 21st of January

It seems way to early to play them again, but the game is actually happening this* Tuesday. This is going to be a draw I reckon.

What was your first clue.

This Tuesday.

Where is the poll?

If you want to start the thread, do it right :bellend:

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We’ll beat em. We’re due. Especially at that shithole.

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I don’t care for your opinions!!

@Darkseid the fact that we’re both shit?

Yea I’ve started some poor match day threads in my time but this is awful. Could you not just have waited for @Calum to do it from his bed while nursing his Sunday hangover?


I’m going to stick my neck out and say a draw. I know that’s going completely over the top but got this feeling.

One of my Chelsea mates was complaining in our WhatsApp group that Reece James went off injured tonight and might miss the match. Oh to have such woes. We’re below Crystal Palace in the league and missing the player who scores all our fecking goals!

Drop Laca to attacking midfield and let’s stop kidding ourselves he’s a forward

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I’d rather we drop him to the bench. Or back in France. Either suits.

He’s now working hard so I would keep him in midfield

I’m going to say 1-0 Chelsea in a pretty dull match.

This is the most aussiegooneresque post i have ever read. :arteta:

Loss. We better get comfy in tenth

Also @shamrockgooner :arteta:

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Now it’s Aussiegooneresque @LordBendtner


What do you want me to predict ? We haven’t won away at any of the traditional big 6 since January 2015 and both teams can look pretty limp in attack most of the time.

Let’s be fucking honest, Arteta isn’t getting anything from this game is he?

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He’ll probably get some abuse once it’s over. :hipster:

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12th is the new 4th