Chelsea vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)


Best moment of the game



When are we gonna talk about Xhaka?


Just a shame that it wasn’t somehow John Terry on the receiving end.


Azpi is a wee twat too tbf, I enjoyed that.

How shit are Chelsea if they can’t finish us off?

Diego Costa would have bagged at least 3 goals over the last couple games we’ve had against them, just saying.


So it seems that Wenger had a talk with the team about how utterly shit they were against Forest, and they actually stayed disciplined and kept a good shape tonight. The team are capable of anything, but too many times they show up lethargic and just plain and simple not giving a fuck. Today they did all the basic shit right, and even got their hands dirty for a change.

Mustafi, Holding, and Chambers played great together. I felt after the last match against Chelsea they looked promising as a trio, barring some miscommunications. I feel good about them going forward.

The midfield was patchwork and only Jack stood out for me. Iwobi is the second coming of Gervinho. He can skin someone leave them for dead and then on a 4 on 3 break completely fuck it up smh, not good enough. Xhaka just continues to be crap. Those corners were laughable and the rest of his shortcomings are well known by now.

Good result though, we can win this pretty easily from here.


We need to have a few players back from injury if we want to advance in 2 weeks time I feel, would have taken this mornings result though as I expected a loss by a couple of goals.


It was a good / better defensive performance but they still should’ve scored at least 1 or 2 goals from crosses or balls over the top that ended up with missed headers (Fabregas, Christensen x2).

We rode our luck a fair bit, just missing that threat the other end of the pitch to exploit that further. Lacazette in his current form alongside Welbeck and Iwobi is all creativity without a goal threat


I enjoyed that but wish it was someone else. Azpilicueta seems a sound lad.


Anyone with me who finds Marcus Alonso quite an odd footballer?

Not saying he is a poor footballer but is weird to watch him play.


You accused me of being in a group of fans that don’t watch matches they think we’ll probably lose. I pointed out how that is clearly total shit, there’s no over analysis, it’s a precise response to what was a bit of a cheap dig from you.


Drawing with Chelsea is the new winning the FA Cup.


I said it would be close but I’m still not sure we will get to the final.

It will be interesting to see what kind of team Wenger puts out in the second leg, considering how close we are to the final and we are playing at home.


Dull game, and we looked nervous. Overall not a bad performance.


I know we should aim higher, but considering everyone predicted the tie to be over after yesterday it’s a good result.


Every player on the pitch gave everything to take a positive result. Players as Chambers and Holding have reacted quickly after the FA Cup failure and have been the best players on the pitch, as well as Mustafi, Xhaka and Wilshere.