Chelsea vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)


Just because the referee screwed us up. We were on top after going up.

C’mon guys! This Chelsea look nothing special. Even their fans reckon it!


Result isn’t bad in the context of the tie but that shouldn’t mask the fact that we are awful on the ball. This wasn’t the class of performance we put in at the Bridge earlier this season. We were fortunate.

Wilshere was good and his injury is a shame but was always going to happen eventually. Iwobi was pretty good on the ball and showing there’s a lot of potential there. If he’s supposed to be shit, I don’t know what to call some others in this team.

Chelsea should have been putting us to the sword with the dominance they had. Much much the better side. We applied ourselves well off the ball, which you have to credit, but no way should that be considered a good overall performance.

I know it’s effective to go for the ugly approach in away legs like this, but there was such a hideous lack of chemistry. The fact that certain players bring absolutely nothing to the table on the ball too was very inhibiting. Welbeck worked his socks off with his running but he is a total waste going forward. Xhaka worked hard defensively but again, SHIT on the ball. Sanchez came on and just overdid everything. Absolutely poor with his decisions.

Shout out to Elneny for doing a professional job when coming on.

As for VAR, it didn’t look promising tonight. Sure we want mistakes eradicated as much as possible but the implementation of it looked awful for the tempo of the game. Did itself no favours.


Christ Chelsea must be fucking shit


I do prefer us ugly if it means we can’t defend like a pub team, tbh.


Ok Mourinho :wink:


Chelsea are going to be more dangerous with what we couldn’t really do offensively tonight, they’re still favourites. Similarly we might struggle more defensively with what we’re going to have to do st home


To win trophies you need to get full Mourinho sometimes. Just not do it all the time.


Agree go full Mourinho but we were so poor with the ball. It made it unbelievably boring to watch


Taking that result everyday of the week. After the bollocks at the weekend im happy. Sure these loads of concerns but where well in it. Take it and move on for a week or so. Season alive.


Agree with a lot but I thought Xhaka had a fairly good match, and by no means did I think he was shit on the ball. When he has a little bit of time he can thread the eye of the needle, and even tonight I thought he did well when put under pressure, something we can’t always say.


In the second leg, if Chelsea score we have to win to go through. I can’t see us keeping them out again. But having said that, it’s a good result considering what we were all expecting.


1-1 go to ET?


Chelsea were in shit mode today, otherwise they had already scored a bunch.
Can we shut them out next time? I won’t bet on it. Luck won’t stay long.


Yeah but if it’s 1-1 after extra time Chelsea will go through.


they got an away goal so they advance?


Away goals only count in extra time for some reason lol


Only after ET.


Yeah we where not great but got a result. Like most others I predicted a loss, but come on where in this now.
Loads of things wrong at the club but drawing 0 0 at the bridge isnt one of them.


Away goals rule for the League Cup; who the hell thought that up…


Some people think that should be the rule in european games tbf.