Chelsea vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)


:date: Wednesday 10th January 2018
:clock8: 20:00
:stadium:️ Stamford Bridge
:tv: Sky Sports Football

Who would do a better job as Arsenal manager?

  • Stamford The Lion
  • Gunnersaurus

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First Leg Result?

  • Chelsea win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Play the strongest team available FFS! Do it c’mon!


25-0 to Chelsea, irrespective of the team we put out.


How can anyone not think we’ll lose this after watching that shit show today? We’ll be fortunate to still be in the tie after the first leg!


:eyes: shots fired @GunnerGirl @Luca_from_Italy


At the Bridge…that is not good.


Well, let’s see if Wenger’s gamble pays off.


We’ve played well v Chelsea this season and I imagine we will play a strong team and VAR will also be introduced in this game :eyes: So we’ll be fine




It’s the first leg. Not like a good result will mean anything, we’ll just fuck it up in the second instead if we get something from this one.


Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal. Think both sides will play strong lineups but with our defence being a shambles coupled with our inability to score away from home it isn’t a good mix.


What a waste of time it is to have this being played over 2 legs.


Don’t think I can bring myself to watch this, struggling to find any fucks to give


Would take a 1 goal defeat to stay in the tie tbh. Their due one over and fancy they will get a 2 goal advantage.


Was the last time we got this far when we drew 1-1 with Spurs and then lost the second leg 5-1?

I’ll go for the exact same result over two legs here.


No we beat Ipswich before Birmingham beat us in the final in 2010/11


I deleted this memory from my brain. And for good reason. :disappointed:


Wow! Stamford The Lion is destroying Gunnersaurus :open_mouth:

Did not expect that hah


What gamble? He’ll probably put the same team out for this as against Forest. I doubt very much he was resting people for the league cup.


I think he was probably going to go with a weakened team but now will surely have to go for it. “Sorry Mesut, your holiday is over.”

I saw a tweet which basically suggested the same thing and pointed out that now we’ve got a couple of free weekends coming up, Wenger doesn’t have a good enough reason to rest players.