Chelsea vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)


I think it’s hugely unlikely Wenger was ever going with a weakened team in a cup semi final at this point. League Cup semi >>>>>>>> Fa Cup 3rd round surely. We’ll see the strongest possible team tonight and that would be the case regardless of the result at Forest. What is this, 3rd time defending him inside a week :joy: AKB-tastic


He went with a weakened team in the Final of this competition in 2007, so fuck knows what he’s going to do.


Albeit i don’t believe him anymore, it would be a total nonsense to go out in the F.A. Cup with a weakened team and then play a weakened team again just 3 days later.

I don’t know, has he gone senile yet?


I think that happened about three years ago to be honest


Can’t believe this match sold out to 5+ credits. To put that in context, that’s less interest than all of our league games so far (bar Stoke, also 5+) and less interest than Cologne away in the UEFA Cup. It’s Chelsea in the semis, should’ve sold out waaaay higher than that really :eyes:


That’s probably the only Arsenal related performance that Kroenke will be unhappy about.


Well, just c’mon Arsenal!


No Özil tonight arseblog says he has a “knee problem”

We’re even more fucked now. No Özil no Party


Calum, you put in the opening post that this match is on Sky Sports. But i’m pretty sure it’s on Comedy Central!


Fuck sake, in a period where we have so many games, we’re absolutely shit and out of form. Tough to watch us.




There’s also a documentary about Wenger tonight.
It’s on the Natural History Channel and it’s called “The eight million pound Dinosaur.”


Maybe no Alexis either :joy:

From the same link I posted above:

Wenger said he was unsure if he was going to use the Chilean tonight.

This could get embarrassing again :disappointed:


I’m surprised anyone thought Ozil or Chelsea might play. I think it’ll be the cup “team”


Hope you’re right. Final here we come!


Maybe we could go 90 minutes without giving away a penalty this evening, that would be nice. By the way Arsenal goaltenders have let in the last 23 penalties faced in a row and even the last one technically saved (by Woj vs Aston Villa 4 years ago) was put in on the rebound.

Actually Arsenal are the only club not to have saved any during that run, 23 out of 23. And only Everton and West Ham have conceded more. Either a massive conspiracy, or perhaps more likely, we’re kinda not good at defending. Thanks to the Daily Fail for that one.


No Ozil or Ramsey. It’s at Stamford Bridge as well. We are so fucked it’s unreal.


I must say I’m pretty relieved I will only be catching the 1st 15 mins of this before heading to work.


Guess he played through pain against Chelsea in the Premier League, then. Typical of Wenger and his gambles.


No Ozil, Sanchez, Iwobi and Ramsey. Guess Walcock and Dat Guy are gonna play again, then.