Chelsea v Arsenal (PL)

Chelsea v Arsenal
Sunday 17 September, 1.30pm
Stamford Bridge
Sky Sports PL

Arsenal have not won any of the last 13 Premier League away games against last season’s top 6 and have lost on 7 of their last 8 visits to Stamford Bridge.

Wenger last tasted victory on the road against one of the big boys nearly 1,000 days ago when they saw off Man City 2-0 in 2015 :laughing:

The last time they lost their opening three league away games was in 1954.

  • Chelsea win by 4 goals
  • Chelsea win by fewer than 4 goals
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Oh, good.

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Went for the win cos I’m drunk.


Easiest win of Chelsea’s season.

PL football is on Sky Sports PL now, has been since the summer. Keep up at the back :wink:


Chelsea aren’t all that this year, not been impressed by them tbh.

4-0 Chelsea.


Chelsea’s preparations for this match…

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Doh :facepalm:

if this were at Wembley I’d be pretty confident.

Regardless we will do them fuck Chelsea.


Theo turns up against the chavs. I think that front 4 would rek those scrubs.

Another weekend without Arsenal

              Mustafi Koscielny Nacho
          Bellerin                Kolasinac
                    Ramsey Xhaka
               Oezil          Alexis

You can bet your bottom dollar Welbz starts though. :hipster::laca:


Easy win for Chavski. Hopefully we are gonna lose only 2-0 :laca:

Dat Boy benchs Alexis :laca:

Yeah hopefully we can staunch the bleeding and keep the loss down to one or two goals. As long as we just turn up and actually have a go of it, which rarely seems to be the case these days.

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Hopefully we only lose this by 2 goals and no more, im gonna have some faith and say 3-1 Chelsea.

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I think we might get a result from this.
I’ll go 1-1, Ramsey to score for us and an own goal from Holding.

I’m just glad we rested most of our first XI midweek. Means we might only lose 3-0 instead of 6-0 :grin:

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Losing 1-0 would be like winning the Champions League. Sad times :santi:

We’ll lose, obviously, but think this time will be one of the more standard losses, comprehensive but of the 2-0 variety, possibly even us getting on the scoresheet in a 3-1. No 5-0 or 6-0 this time, oh no sir

Still can’t believe I’m talking in these terms, but the inevitability about this fixture is all-encompassing :sunglasses: Perhaps my patented reverse jinx is due another appearance :thinking:

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We hope!

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