Charlie Patino (Loan: Swansea)

He got to be careful and have smart people around him advising or else he’ll end up like the other academy player who went to Chelsea recently, didn’t turn out better for him.

Don’t think he was ever going to make it here. Not sure he’s a premiership player.
That’s fine.
He’s got that goal against Sunderland and a future playing football for a career. Good luck to him.


Omari looooool

Signs for Chelsea cos not getting anywhere near first team here (and probs more ££) then Chelsea sign another 10 wingers ahead of him.

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A couple months back I envisioned him being involved next season but it’s hard to see that now.

He’s not stupid. He sees the rumour mill. He was hardly gonna get a chance with this set of players, it’ll be almost impossible if we strengthen our midfield.

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Not overly concerned, the likely situation was he wouldn’t be good enough to win his place here with the level we’re aspiring to, which is winning league titles vs a Man City juggernaut.

We saw him outside the City Ground last week

Obviously travelled over with some pals from Blackpool to watch it

We had a chat with him, said we’re looking forward to him coming back
Has he heard anything from club etc, he said no, not that he would tell us anyways.

He said he Blackpool had looked after him well.
Came across as a decent young guy, I want him to return and excel with us

2nd time ive seen him now, got a photo with him and my boy in the summer at a pre season game. Nice young lad.


You may have missed it but he’s apparently going in the summer.

He wants to play regularly and we can’t provide that. Club is willing to let him go.

Yer I saw it mate, kinda why I replied

Its full blown rumour mill time isnt it

I just hope he comes back and excels with us


Just need AMN and Nelson signing the extension and were flying.


Matt Smith is the one we need to secure.

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Leaving on loan. Not permanent.

I was wondering what was happening with him. Expected it to be an out of the blue move with the silence.

Never expected it to be loan though. Did we extend his deal at least?

Strange one really and don’t see this second loan really benefitting anyone.


Unless he has a breakout season, even when he comes back he won’t have a chance staying with the first team.

Well obviously nobody wanted to buy him for whatever we wanted fee wise. Best case is he proves himself decent again on loan and gets sold for 10-15m next season.

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