Charlie Patino (Loan: Swansea)


Tap in merchant. Fabrizio would be proud.


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Didn’t feature at all today and was firmly rooted to the subs bench.

Wonder if he’s fallen out of favour and that early season love has been lost

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Looks like Charlie had a good night tonight. Two assists for Blackpool.


Not coming back

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I mean a sale with buyback clause is the obvious play here.

He doesn’t seem like he’ll be good enough for us anytime soon but best to keep that door open in case.


Does he have a contract?

Sell on clause, sure, but do buy back clauses happen that often with English clubs? Feels like it would put a buying club off and damage any fee we get for him.

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Yeah until 2025, we extended it in December I think.

@Leper yeah either way would be fine, buy back obviously a nicer guarantee and doubt we get that much for him anyway tbh.

Didn’t we have one for Bennacer for around £6m back before he signed for Milan?

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Surprised by this. Obviously doesn’t back himself.

We could do with him going on another loan to raise his value. He’s done okay at a Championship team who have struggled. 10m?

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Mikel clearly doesn’t fancy him that much or atleast hasn’t seen anything special from him yet to give him any assurances.

Bye Charlie and all the best!!

Who’s the next big hope from the Academy, not counting Balogun?

Was never really that good.

Won’t get much of a fee either but better than a free.


Could get about 10m based on what he’s shown this year. Which would be better than like 99% of our youth team outcomes.

Good luck to him.

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Has he been a standout in their team? Obviously relegated, but it’s his own performances of most interest

Was being touted as a long term Xhaka replacement mere months ago

Young prospects from the academy are so difficult to judge.

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There’s better ones coming from the production line.

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Big shame, liked this kid when he played for us. Wish him the best in future endeavours.