Charlie Patino (Loan: Swansea)

That’s the midfielder sorted for next summer.


Awful op. He deserves better. Or maybe in time it will be apt. Let’s see.

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The next wonder kid coming off the Arteta conveyor belt

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Wtf he didnt have a thread? OA out

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Number 87, the next Gronk.

Come back when you have a real squad number :grinning:

Charlie Cuntinho am I right

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Please. His first name begins with C. That’s obviously what you replace with Cunt.

Isn’t it, Cuntiel? :grinning:

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Cuntlie? Nah that’s uninspired tbh

Has to be Cuntlie Cuntino

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Cuntley always worked well for Ashley Cole, can’t see why it wouldn’t here once he goes to City for the money :grinning:

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The next big thing

I really think Patino could shine here as long as his reputation doesn’t get tarnished.

Congrats kid!

Man of the match performance from the lad

Love that!

His name goes well in a chant

This threads recovered from that diabolical OP to get off to a good start :grinning:

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Next big thing

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