Cesc Fabregas


Na they got rid of that last season


Fuck and we had Aubameyang cup tied last season despite not even playing a minute for Dortmund in the Europa League :rage:


Yeah I think that was the catalyst for the change. Barcelona made a fuss about Coutinho too, but I think we had a stronger case than they did. At least Coutinho had actually played in the same competition.


Fabregas and Henry back together :heart:


Cesc Fabregas will be new Monaco player. Done deal and three-years contract. 🔵 #Fabregas #transfers #CFC #Chelsea #Monaco pic.twitter.com/LSRATuwhfx

— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) 5 januari 2019


Can follow him again now hes de-chelseafied haha


Strict no snake policy at Arsenal. :unai:


He had some old school Fab passes today with Chelsea… still can be a useful player. Would have seen him more go back to Spain or Italy than France, but hopefully he helps his buddy.






His legs have supposedly left him but I seriously think with Aubameyang as our striker and his old-skool Cesc-esque passes he could still do a job here. We’re never going to be an effective pressing side anyway it seems.


One of my footballing idols in the last 15 years. So brilliant at his best. Absolutely loved seeing Cesc’s rise at Arsenal, the way he carried himself here and the passion he displayed in our shirt.

Fabregas, Bergkamp, Rosicky, Cazorla, Özil… we’ve brought some outstanding playmakers to the Premier League over the years.

During the 07-08, 09-10 and 14-15 seasons in particular he was utterly masterful.


…and that’s at their current state.


Jorginho is better than the current incarnation of Fabregas in my opinion.


He still speaks well of Arsenal and acknowledges us as his club, at least as much and I would hope probably moreso than the chavs. He’s a classy guy and I wish him well at Monaco, I’m sure he’ll be there longer than Henry in the end :grimacing:


Think I’m ready to forgive him now. Think I’m also ready to adopt Monaco as my number one European team.


I guess he is better at the tac-tac passing Sarri likes but as a deep lying playmaker overall Fabregas is still above him imo. Caught him in the few times he played and he certainly still has it. There have been many making a case to play Cesc over Jorginho but so long as Sarri was there Jorginho will be the single pivot.


Finally, the 4.5 years of seeing him dressed in that scum of a kit are over.


I will never forgive him for the way he straight up quit on the team. Sure, see him play for Chelsea sucked but the way he forced the move to Barca left such a bad taste.

He won two league titles with Chelsea, sure, but he’s not a legend at Arsenal and not sure he’s seen as one at Barca either.