Cesc Fabregas


IIRC, my memory of that game was of course Walcott’s insane run through the entire liverpool side, but didn’t RVP have an easy goal and Bendtner got in his way and blocked it? That was a big moment as well.


That was the home leg


If City want him we should as well.


Hopefully you are referring to Thomas Partey


Fabregas on loan for 6 months would be a great deal imo. Never gonna happen though. Looks like he’s off to Milan or Monaco


I’d take him back for the nostalgia


Would be ridiculous to resign him now.


Because he hardly plays for Chelsea? I think he could still do the business in the Europa League.


Well we are signing past it players right now so fuck it why not?


Does anyone speak Parseltongue?



Emery looks like he could be right out of Slytherin though.


Because he’s old, expensive and well past his best.


Slytherin is the best house tbh



That’s a weird fucking gif.


Have you not seen the film(s)? :grin:


Many times.


No point him coming here post-Wenger. This is a different club to the one he left. What the fuck is Emery meant to do with him?


We could do with him in the Europa League maybe?


Wouldn’t he be Cup tied anyways :joy: