Cesc Fabregas


How does this guy remember all this stuff lol. He would have nothing to tweet if he didn’t go searching for it :joy:

Another goal I remember, we didn’t even win that game :man_facepalming: if I recall Song I think got sent off then Bent got a goal at the very end.

That season also was just rubbish all around. Everything fell apart by March then we just couldn’t win games anymore. Think that was the season Ferguson did that 9 defender line-up and we got whooped. Fuck me like.

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Plus I believe the impact of that clearance aggravated Cesc’s injury or maybe I just remember the concern I had at the time.

Don’t get why remembering anything 10+ years ago is seen as some mysterious super power? :man_shrugging: This stuff wasn’t even as far back as the Wenger-Fergie spats

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The Milan goal was the best moment. Piece of magic we rarely see as Arsenal fans on the European stage.

You might remember the goal, but I’d be surprised if you could recall the precise date when it happened

Is it that hard to look back through fixture lists and see when we played on any given date?

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For many people apparently that’s a big effort.

Yes it is, you have to remember it without external assistance.

Lehmann pulled off one of the best saves I’ve ever seen a few minutes later


He got his fingers on it, so that’s a shot he always should save.


Its Solskjaer’s facial expression that really sells how good it was :joy:

Andy Gray’s commentary is iconic. You can also hear the United fans preparing to celebrate only for the ball to be diverted wide. So everybody played there part here :clap:


He was superb at the time (2006). One of the top top GKs in the world.

Took something very very special to take the number 1 off of Kahn for the WC06 in Germany.

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It’s crazy how quickly he declined from that point on. It was a sad ending for him early on in the 07/08 season when he was quickly replaced by Almunia. I think it was a game against Blackburn where it was clear as day something was off with him.

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2007-08 Season :laca:

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2 cunts having a scrap

Scary it’s 15 years ago when it feels just like yesterday.

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