Cesc Fabregas

For me, the difference is that Graham didn’t go to Spurs directly from Arsenal when we didn’t want him to. He managed Spurs a few years after leaving Arsenal, at a point where we wouldn’t have wanted him anyway due to having Arsene. There’s no reason to feel bitter or betrayed by it, in my book.

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Hahaha fuck off with that


When he got the sack I didn’t think much of it at the time, more for the reason that we weren’t playing so well and that he was unlucky in getting caught.
What pissed me off was him going to spurs because I’m certain he did it out of spite. I think it’s only because of his success that he gets a bye with some people
If Fabregas left Arsenal with a load of trophies I’m betting he wouldn’t be getting the same amount of grief. I could also apply this to Henry and Vieira, the latter wanting to leave for about 3 seasons before he actually did.

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He still went to our deadliest rivals though, or has the rivalry softened over the years.
All I remember was the shit Graham got from the fans at the time and going from us to them wasn’t a done thing.

I see that but at the same time I can’t believe Wenger didn’t have a convo with Cesc asking him for one more year or to let the club hold out for a better fee.

And this is probably how we did a dirty on Cole. I can’t imagine Wenger having the same sort of in depth discussions with Cole that he had with Cuntegras

True. Cesc was like his son, right?

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Makes Cesc an even bigger cunt.

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I know, but I explained why it’s different to Cole or van Persie though, in my opinion. Others may feel differently.

We were offered him back and didn’t take him, which for me is the one transfer decision I really can’t forgive from Wenger.


We were stacked at the time weren’t we?
So he joined Chelsea out of spite? He had interest from other clubs as well.

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We had Ozil. Mesut Ozil. I just don’t think you understand.

We were never stacked. Our midfield always needed strengthening virtually every year after about 2005 / 2006

We had good players but we could have had an even better midfield with Fabregas

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Stacked full of players with a history of injuries. And 3 months into the season, guess what happened? We were forced to recall Coquelin from his loan at Championship club Charlton.

The interest was from other Premier League clubs, no? He joined Chelsea because he wanted to live in London again.


He had interest from Serie A clubs, I believe Milan was strongly linked with him at the time.
He did confirm in an interview that indeed there were many clubs interested in him but he was hellbent on coming back to the PL so it was either Man Utd or Chelsea.

Because he was sacked rather than him leaving us and went to Leeds in between, meant most supporters weren’t that bothered about him going to spurs.

Also we were successful with Wenger so they weren’t really seen as a direct rival in the PL.

But even when he was managing spurs he said that Arsenal was still his club so he still had the respect of our supporters.


No we weren’t.

I don’t remember many Arsenal fans seriously wanting Cuntegras back when he was offered to us.

Fuck Fabregas, fuck Graham and fuck Cole. All cunts, always will be.

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I definitely did tbh.

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