Cedric Soares (17)

You voted no though

My bad it’s getting late here I read the question wrong, I don’t want him as a backup RB.

I DO mind that he is.

I voted the wrong way.


It’s a confusing poll :smiley:

yes I don’t mind him as backup anymore
no I don’t mind him as backup anymore

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Yep. Exactly this. Sure I dislike him more than most, but agenda aside, he still isn’t good enough for what we need. Good in the dressing room doesn’t cut it.


Ah, OA is split on Cedric

Good squad player, but never good enough to be in the starting 11.

Cedric sucks and he’s very fortunate for some fuckery that he and Mari even joined the club in the first place.

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Not and ideal back up RB, but he is at least better than Bellerin.

Yeah, except he’s not

They’re both pretty fucking bad


punch in the face or the nuts…neither are good, and rather neither as a choice.

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Don’t even dare putting Cedric in the same conversation as Mari.
One is a European Champion playing at the top level for years and the other is some model looking geek whose best accolade was winning the Brazilian league.


Cedric & Mari.

This is hopefully the year that Norton-Cuffy gradually overtakes Cedric as back-up. I think the promising youngster is why Arteta doesn’t want to spend big at RB.

Stop it or I’ll go all Castiel on you.

Cedric & Mari

Reuell Walters has been getting a big push by the gaffer so I reckon he has very good chances of getting that role if need be.

I do think however Tomi, Saliba, White and Cedric will be enough of a cover at RB.

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Can’t wait for him to become Arsenal manager, for our youth team…


And now Ramsdale too.
Thanks for picking it up @Phoebica.

Future Wolves coach. :rofl:

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Imagine Xhaka as our future manager. Red card gives a bonus.