Carlo Ancelotti

27 years as a manager now and he’s still competitive at the highest level thought Don Carlo deserves his own thread.

Has managed to find a way to maintain his relevance when a lot of his peers have long since either retired or faded into obscurity.

He’s basically been a competitive manager in 4 different decades that takes some doing. I’d love to see him win a CL and then take over the national team for the final years of his career.

I think he has the perfect blend of tactical understanding and man management with the latter being something I feel only Klopp and Conte thrive in amongst the current crop of top managers.


Only 5 league titles. Eyebrow fraud


He’s still one of my favourite managers and one of the options I wanted to take over from Emery.
It’s true he might have been slightly too old but he would have steadied the club who were still struggling to fix what Wenger had left behind.
But he’d have been ideal here because he’s done it all and would have the respect of the players.

To achieve what he has at so many clubs, in so many different leagues for so long, is amazing.


Probably underachived by only winning one Scudetto with Milan in the early-mid 00s, but taking his career as a whole he is one of the GOATs.

Very few have remained relevant for that period of time. The game evolves and changes so much, it’s extremely rare for a single manager to keep winning league titles at different clubs in different countries for almost 20 years. And to get to European Cup finals almost 20 years apart is very special.

His adaptability is the most impressive thing. Joined elite clubs each with their own politics, their own starting points, their own identities, their own unique challenges but he’s consistently delivered trophies everywhere he’s gone.

He’s also not a cunt like so many other managers. Quiet, dignified, classy. Hope Madrid find a way to beat Liverpool in the CL final.


I keep reading his name as Cancelotti

You can be 5-0 up in the 90th minute of a champions league second leg. When he raises that eyebrow you are fucked.

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PC gone mad.


Not only have we had to contend with SRCJJ’s countless posts arse licking him, now he’s gone and made a thread :sob:


You’ve been on this forum long enough, brother. You knew what to expect.


Be grateful, hopefully it’s now gonna be mostly confined to a single thread you can ignore :grin:

Great point tbf :thinking:

It’s crazy that he has won the league exactly once in each of the big five leagues. Both very impressive (nobody else has won all five leagues) and also perhaps a testament to his limitations (I can’t think of any other genuinely elite manager who has never won multiple titles with one club).

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In fairness to him;

3 seasons at Real (1 title)
2 seasons at Chelsea (1 title)
1 full season at Bayern (1 title)
1 full season at PSG (1 title)

So he’s got 4 titles in 7 seasons which isn’t actually a bad return lol

Milan is the biggest stain on his record because at one point he probably had the best team in Europe


True, but on the flip side, I would expect nearly any manager to win the league with Bayern or PSG these days. Unfortunately, its a stain on your rep if you don’t more than it is a reason for high praise if you do.

But yeah fair play, if you’re there for one full season, you can’t do much more in the league than win the fucker, which he did. Don’t want to seem like I’m being too negative as I like him as much as the next guy. Unless the next guy is you, of course.

Yeah there’s no doubt that Bayern and PSG are basically nailed on title wins

Chelsea - I’d say not so much. They hadn’t won the title in 3 seasons and he came along and had his team score over 100 league goals and win the title.

Real he won them their 10th CL title and first for like 14 years. Atletico won the title then obviously next season you had the birth of Messi, Suarez, Neymar who won the treble.

I definitely think his league record is underwhelming when you look at his career as a whole though

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Really hope Don Carlo does it in the final.

A managerial great.

Ever since I discovered his surprisingly limited league achievements they tend to spring to mind every time he’s mentioned, but he’s obviously an absolute managerial legend. If I remember correctly his Chelsea league win saw them playing much better stuff and scoring more goals than they have in any of their other league wins. Leaving aside the pure cuntery of Chelsea and that squad, he had them about as likeable as they ever were.

Hopefully his European pedigree comes to the fore in the final :pray:

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Istanbul taints him a little too. I really did put that one on him tbh.
Tbf he did get redemption in Athens and he needed that.

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I mean given the testaments from former players it’s hard not to like this guy. He’s managed some real “hard to manage” characters through the years and he’s even not shy taking on a team like Everton. He’s adapted his tactics as well, unlike Mo and AW who’ve failed at this. Safe to say he’s one of the GOAT’s.

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Shit refereeing doesn’t help. Linesman calls Crespo’s goal correctly and Liverpool don’t have a prayer in the 2nd half.