Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


Oh the late banter era…:flushed::flushed::sweat_smile::cry:


Not to get all serious here, but do people think he’s happy? He’s won an FA Cup playing for his boyhood club which is incredible, but he’s also clearly out of his depth at this level, doesn’t really play meaningful games (if he plays at all) and although he’s made a good living, he’s somewhat of a joke among fans.

I wonder if he’d trade the FA Cup and etc. for playing week in and week out for a club in League 1 or something.


There’s no need to trade the FA Cup though, he’s already won that and there’s been nothing to stop him going to a League One club since then. He could absolutely do that, but honestly, he’d be stupid to not see this contract out to the very end. He’s never earning like this again in his entire life.


That own goal in Germany is the funniest own goal I’ve ever seen. I think it’s the best ever from the Corporal. Forget about OG scored inside the box, clearances bouncing off people and going in etc.

You can’t beat a mishit volley own goal. Legendary. Was it actually one of his first appearances?


He’s had about 8 transfer windows where it’s been clear he wasn’t wanted here to do this. He’s happy alright.


I love that fact we thought we could make our own class of 92 and 7 years later Jenko is the last one remaining :joy:


It’s his expression of complete devastation and anguish that gets me every time.

I get that he wanted to impress and all, but it was a friendly that we were winning in so in the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter.

But he looked like he’d accidentally killed someone :arteta:


I think he genuinely waits for his chance. Training with Hector, Chambers, Debuchy and lately with Licht he has probably shaped an opinion about them and I guess he thinks he could do a better job than them?
It’s hard though, once you’re regarded as ‘not good enough’ you need a lot(especially luck) to get that stigma off.
I’m sure he got amped up when someone had to fill in for Hector, and granted, he could get ahead of Stephan he probably thought it was his time.
Then Maitland-Niles popped up…:joy::joy::joy:


Ofcourse he is not happy.
He is hated by his own community.
As a fan, it must be killing him to see Arsenal struggle and despite being so close to contributing to the cause he can’t.
I bet his mental toll must be heavy.


He looks sad and lonely in those training sessions they post from time to time.
Must have shit sauce or the boys really treat him like a meme.


Nonsense. No one hates him, we just don’t want him in the team.


Agreed. People are actually quite fond of him, in quite a patronising way. So it’s still not great for him probably lol


Should actually play over Lichtsteiner.


100% at this point. I don’t even think he looks too shabby tbh, not that he’s been tested against quality yet but Lich has and I’d rather not see that again.


I think at this point even I should play over Lichtsteiner!


More Jenkinson = more clean sheets. We’ve been overlooking him all this time :see_no_evil:


Seriously though, I do like Jenkinson. He might be a wally sometimes (literally) but he tries, bless him (patronising I know) and he loves the club


If you do and you come up against Dele Alli can you break his legs for the arsenal fans around the world…thanks!


He’s our Rodders.


GIVE HIM IS SQUAD NUMBER!!! @Mysty @Bl1nk @shamrockgooner Show some respect to the corporal ffs!