Carl Jenkinson

Full name: Carl Daniel Jenkinson

Date of birth 8 February 1992
Place of birth Harlow, England
Height 1.85 m
Playing position Defender

Is he still here? :gunnersaurus:

Had no idea what he’s currently up to. I haven’t considered him as an Arsenal player for a good while.

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Yeah have heard literally nothing about him…

Thanks B1ink.

Had a surgery for cruciate ligament in month of Feb/March.
So he is not available till 2017.

What do people think about his future?

It shouldn’t be at Arsenal.

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It shouldn’t be here, prior to his injury his greatest asset was his athleticism and the ACL may well have taken some of that away.

Should be moved on.

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Bummer. Liked him but to be honest he was never going to be good enough other than 3rd string RB and 5th string CB combo, which basically means he should go elsewhere. Loved the banter with him and Ox - they perhaps can go off together to some mid-tier Premier League team and contribute.

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It’s looking quite Championshippy imo…


Pleased for Jenks. Feel he would be great backup for Bellèrin. Arsenal fan aswell so can’t see him ever wanting to leave


With Debuchy in limbo it’s only natural that Jenkinson eventually plays back up at RB to Ballerin. Not sure what level he’s on at the moment but it can’t hurt us to use him in the EFL hopefully if he’s fit for the fixture against Reading in about a months time.


Is he fit and ready for some action?

It’s been too long since the BANTA

Chamberlain seems to kill off his best mate’s career though, first it was Jenkinson, now Chambers has been packed off up north. Rob Holding should keep his distance :smirk:

He should be to to our RB position what Gibbs has been to our LB position!

He’s not good enuff for that either apparently.

Robin_L was not this cheerful.
Who are you?

He’s only been back in full training for a week though

I’ve fallen in love, Trion!! :heart_eyes:

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Ah congrats.

How’d he play tonight??