Calum Chambers

Full name: Calum Chambers

Date of birth 20 January 1995
Place of birth Petersfield, England
Height 1.83 m
Playing position Defender

I think that Wenger should place Calum next to Kosielny from the start of the season and give him 15 games or so to see if the partnership can gel together !
If they cant we should sell him on !

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I don’t think that we could risk him for 15 games, however, I do think that maybe he should be given a chance early on.
I think that he will end up as our no. 1 centre half, so lets see if he can step up, I like him, give him a go…

Rumours Watford are taking him on a season long loan. He will play CB regularly.

Must be after another CB then?

I dont understand this I’m afraid , we have problems at center back. Calum is an immensely talented player who we through in at the deep end at a time when we didnt have proper DM cover and he got banged at Right back too.
As Gabriel isnt the full ticket an the BFG gets slower by the Day why dont we try him out at CB with Kos ?

What about Subotic? If so, i’d agree with this move, otherwise it’s a pure nonsense. One CB in and one out? Madness.

Failed a medical at Middlesbrough and is out for the rest of the year with a rib injury.

He would fit us perfectly :wenger:

Not comfortable with making him first choice just yet. Need some more time.


Not a good first game for him. He looked so much “bambi on ice”.

He can play well as CB but he looks ever not calm, he suffers the pressure. Bielik, who hasn’t his experience, tonight was much more focused than him.

Bielik is an excellent passer, better than a few of our midfielders in that regard.

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The annoying thing about Chambers is we haven’t developed him at all, he’s no better than he was 24 months ago when he joined us.

No surprise there.

When he arrived he was the John Stones before John Stones was John Stones, now look at him.


Think it’s down to Wenger trusting in his ‘old guard’ CB pairing of Per and Laurent. He did arrive after they both struck a strong stewardship between them right? Ideally, it’s down to him to have the cojones to take his chances when either of them is plagued with an injury. Last year he looked unassertive and shaky somewhat to be fair, however I do really rate him. Just feel he needs time to bed in when selected constantly.

Holding may have been bought to counter this incase Calum’s path goes tits up elsewhere. Watford is a jump over the bush for him, so he won’t be unsettled with moving etc. Makes sense. Bellerin benefitted from his loan there.

He doesn’t know what is the sense of the word “foul”.

Failed experiment?

Was a better player 24 months ago when he first arrived at the club.

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Started ok yesterday but how many cross field passes did he over hit or under hit?

Ridiculous and he is still nowhere near the player he was when we first signed him

He’s regressed that’s for sure but that’s not entirely his fault, Holding will not develop well under Wenger.

Placing young defenders in the hands of a man that is tactically inept particularly on the defensive side of the game is a recipe for disaster.

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