Calum Chambers

He is slow, has inconsistent passing ability, not a great header, doesn’t read the game that well.

Or he is good but is very inconsistent.

Talented but will need couple of years to really become a consistently reliable player.

His passing ability is one of his strongest attributes, he’s very good on the ball.

When he first came to the club he was a better player playing very well particularly in the CL, he had regressed but that’s because he’s been left to stagnate. Let’s not forget many were raving about him on here initially, similar to how people view Holding now.

He simply needs game time and since he’s not going to get it here he should be loaned out.

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Every player needs game time but it was that Swansea game that just brought out all his flaws out the same time.
Don’t forget that game was during the spree where he was getting games.
Any tricky winger & his lack of pace & composure is highlighted in alarming ways.

He is good on ball but every game, he will play few passes that are just idiotic.

Even in preseason, I was skeptical about him being first choice & feel nervous when he is on pitch.
I don’t want to be extreme about my judgement & shut him out; but if I were to predict his future, I think we can bring in better players.

Hopefully he comes good & changes my mind.

Montero also ripped Ivanovic and other defenders in that season, Azpilicueta was ripped last season by Mahrez.

Monreal got twisted by Mane yesterday that’s part and parcel of being a defender at times, don’t think that should be held against him especially since he was what at 20 years old?

I think it;s way too early to make judgements just yet since he did so well initially and then stagnated the longer he was at the club. Let’s not forget how Kos was when he first came here.

I agree though that he isn’t inspiring a great deal of confidence at the back but it’s not all his doing.

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He was over eager on Sunday and made a lot of unforced errors . I feel for him he only seems to get a game when we are in dire straights which puts a lot of pressurre on him. He also got no help from the midfield. We let him down Sunday but he fought on and scored. Want him to get a chance but doubt if he will.

His passing was sloppy, but I thought his actually defending - headers etc. - were very good.

My seat was pretty much parallel the defensive line in that first half and I thought he was looking good bar crap distribution.

He was pretty good when he first joined, and when he was allowed to play consistently. Now, when he’s sometimes not even in the squad, and when he’s forced to play, then it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that he ends up looking a bit sloppy.

No idea what Wenger really is planning to do with players like Chambers and most likely Holding too, if someone like Mustafi ends up signing. They certainly won’t be playing much.


Holding picked ahead of him. Non of the English players Wenger have bought in his career have had a great career. Bar Campbell.

Yeah bit of a dig that young English projects who’ve been here 5 minutes are getting picked ahead of our young English project. He was supposedly not a fullback and had a big future at CB, so now is he a fullback again? Or just not good enough?

Smells like another failed experiment

I thought he was a DM now? I have a feeling a loan has been agreed and he was held out so as not to pick up an injury.


Bluemoon were interested but I turned them down. #LoyalToTheOA


Chambers hasn’t the quality to be a great CB neither a great RB or HM. Sell him now before to have another Debuchy’s case.

That’s what Wenger does to you.

Calum Chambers was John Stones before John Stones was John Stones.

Now look at him, give Wenger enough time with Holding and the same shit will happen.

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Chambers has been bought to switch his role from RB to CB. In my opinion he could work on his quality but mentally is very poor, different than Stones.

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That’s just pushing the blame on Wenger.
A quality player shines regardless of obstacles.

Yeah I don’t completely agree either, although recent evidence of “development” has certainly been questionable at best. My personal view is that Calum was never going to be a WC defender - doesn’t look like he has the mental qualities to become one - he could prove me wrong and players do mature and develop at different rates and times, but my instinct tells me Calum isn’t it and Holding I will reserve judgment on, but I am more impressed with him in a small sample size so far.

And rightly so, his quality was evident in the first season which earned him multiple England call ups.

Then he was left to stagnate, how are you supposed to improve and gain consistency as a young player given close to zero game time? How is one supposed to iron out the kinks in their game? Training can only do so much especially for a defender.

The fact is they’ve done a piss poor job developing him.

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I can’t say what they have been doing to improve him as player behind the scenes; but i can only go by what he has done on the pitch.
Don’t think he has given a performance, where you think he should be ahead of Per, Koscielny, perhaps ahead of Gabriel(but that’s tail end of last season).

If game time is the issue, I don’t think any manager would have played him ahead of Per or Koscielny.
Regardless of the reservation on this forum concerning Per, Per was/is very crucial to our defensive setup.
And Koscielny is a must have.

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