Burnley v Arsenal (PL)


The funniest part about this was that it was a clear penalty, anyone saying it wasn’t is a Sp*rs fan in disguise.

Even Dyche was moaning about how he “knew it was coming”. So you knew your defender would shove our player inside the box as he was trying to get the ball? Why didn’t you stop it then if you knew? haha

It’s not Arsenal’s fault, or the refs for that matter that they fucked it up for themselves again XD


Burnley must have done something really bad to us in a previous life




The game was so shit before Jack entering the game… and heard that he might be leaving also.


Never seen them complaining if the same thing happens with another big club. Only with us. Northern cunts.


When Ozil is out we should really revert to a 3 man midfield and two striker attack. I want to see this tested at the very least

Give Ramsey a free role as B2B with Xhaka and Elneny holding. An attack of Seo, Alexis/Giroud, Laca/Welbz, Bellerin with Ramsey doing his thing should give the opposition lots to thinking about


If Mason was really looking for one, he would have had to look no further than the foul on Bellerin halfway through the second half.


You only have to look at how many penalties we are given to know there isn’t a bias. If there is a bias, it’s towards the lower club roughing up the bigger club.


Burnley fans may be complaining but Sean Dyche their manager isn’t


Top man


I’m going to need to ask for forgiveness of fans, but I’d like to see Theo in away games more often too.

I know he’s a headless chicken, i know he’s somewhat easy to defend against in a one on one but what he has is speed. Greasy, fast, unpredictable speed. It makes the opposition think.

The opposition have a corner? Stick theo in the centre circle. Draw their defenders back from our 6 yard area and there goes their attacking threat from the corner. We have a corner? Perhaps keep bellerin and walcott furthest back so as to resist a pacy counter attack (see Salah in our game at Anfield)

I think what I’m getting at is, having been at the game yesterday, we seemed so ordinary. There was nothing to suggest, we’re Arsenal and we’re a cut above the rest. It’s all dependent on small margins. Had Burnley gone a goal ahead, i think we’d have sulked to defeat. (Thats a big if, though)


Yeah so would I but safely up in the highest point of the stands so I know he won’t be taking part in any of the match


I’d like to see Walcott in more away games. Ideally games like West Brom vs Leicester, or Motherwell vs Celtic.


This pretty much. Our attacking play is still disjointed and aimless.

It’s funny in retrospect how hard people attacked Giroud for not suiting our style when Laca is struggling to get enough shots on goal to the the dysfunctionality of our system.


Laca has always failed to get enough shots on goal in every season of his career years before he joined Arsenal. Perhaps it’s largely his movement, eh?


I don’t think the team is set up in a way where he’s designed to fed efficiently, as a result he’s having to drop deeper and or play wider to get involved which would be pretty typical of Wenger’s tactics these days.

Then you have have a player like Ramsey who thrives in dysfunctionality, I’m finding great goal scoring chances are falling to him rather than our £50m striker.



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As long as we are playing at home he can play as far away as he wants :grinning:


That’s all because Ramsey has good off the ball movement and Lacazette does not.

Look your criticising Wenger for Giroud not ‘suiting our style’ when he got about 4 or more chances per game. Lacazette doesn’t get that many chances because of his inferior movement. He didn’t get many chances at Lyon because of his inferior movement.

He is however very clinical, but hence not elite because his movement lets him down. Let’s hope he improves his runs.


This is just a bit funny to me.
Clinical but lack of movement… this sounds like Podolski to me.
Laca is still young, I think he can improve.


According to the big chances converted stats he hasn’t been that clinical in the premier league this season.