Burnley Thread

Rumours on twitter Sean Dyche is leaving Burnley at the end of the season.

If he does leave I think Burnley are fucked and will get relegated next season. He’s done some job keeping them up.

Mark Hughes is the favourite apparently :joy::joy:

Dyche hasn’t shown enough for one of the more ambitious lower table clubs to give him a shot but he’s done more than enough to join the managerial merry go round and basically take the role of the modern day Allardyce in being a specialist at keeping clubs organised and performing well enough to keep them in England.

Basically out performed the media darling Eddy Howe each season pound for pound.
Be interesting to see what he wants to do.

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I would imagine eating some pies is high on his agenda.

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Or worms

But Eddie of course is a legend.

@Stroller John Giles is on your wavelength. Possibly gone a bit overboard by claiming Dyche should be in the mix for manager of the year tho!

Is that THE Johnny Giles?! Leeds legend

Leeds and Ireland legend, yes.

Up to about two years ago he was a television pundit for as long as I can remember and he still regularly contributes to radio shows etc here.

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I’ll just settle for a Eddie Howe meme.:hugs:

When Arteta took over Burnley had one more point than us. 19 games later they still do. Hell of a stat if you think about it. Its a measure how far off the club is and even with a couple of signings its going to be a tough ask to be pushing for fourth.


I’m not sure that’s the best yardstick to be using. You have to factor in all the commotion and madness on our end.

Have to respect what Burnley are doing and have done for so long now, but I think they are very much an outlier with established systems etc performing at their peak rather than evidence that we are truly a 10th placed team.

With 2-3 good signings and no big losses we are banging on the door imo, that’s a step Burnley can’t and won’t take. Especially if we have no EL commitments.

Yeah i don’t get your point. Why do you love Burnley so much?

I just like Burnley because they are an unfashionable club who defy everything about modern day football. they average about 12,000 and spend next to nothing on transfers and out perform plenty of so called other teams with bigger reputations. Everton, West Ham , Newcastle and dont get the respect they deserve.
Anyway the main point of the post was about the state of Arsenal. 19 games is still a substantial amount of time imo and a worry that we have not gained a point on a team like this. Its not an Arteta rant just a highlight of how big his and our task is going to be going forward.

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