Bunch of cunts Vs Chelsea (Europa League Final)

Wednesday 29th May 2019
Olympic Stadium Baku
KO 20:00
Live on BT Sport

Just over 1 week to go…anyone else manage to get a ticket and a flight?

Mine was delivered this morning :smile: Can’t wait…absolutely buzzing for us to win this!

Outcome of the match?

  • Arsenal win in 90 mins
  • Arsenal win after extra time
  • Arsenal win penalty shoot out
  • Chelsea win in 90 mins
  • Chelsea win after extra time
  • Chelsea win penalty shoot out

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Not going, but I’ll watch it

Nice one @The_Invincibles hope it’s a worthwhile trip!!!

Well done for going all the way out there.

Hopefully there’s more than 6,000 of us in the end…

I hope so…it will actually be the first time I have gone abroad to support Arsenal, but can’t wait…Just hope they deliver us CL football next season.


Will there even be that many? We’ve only sold 3,000 tickets. All that outrage about such a small allocation and we can’t sell the things anyway :smile:

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Yea i think there will be plenty over the 6,000 as the tour companies will have snapped up loads of the corporates and sold them on. Lots of fans from various parts of europe i’d imagine.

I didn’t even hear this, is that true??

There are still tickets available! Plus space on chartered flights…

I can’t exactly blame people for not wanting to go, you’re gonna have to be twice as loud :laughing:

Fair play for going to Baku haha :clap:

You not going Calum?

Nah. Absolute trek haha

What you’ll find is most of the Arsenal fans around you will be from our various European supporters clubs. We’ll fill the 6k

Props for going :slightly_smiling_face::+1: It’s a major cup final and I can’t even be arsed with it despite being easily inside the credit limit

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I’m a red member with zero credits and I’m inside the limit. :slight_smile:

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:chester: !!!


Tickets are available still for Red Members and direct flights are available!

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Am I going to be the only representative from Online Arsenal?

Not that I looked into it but probably no flights from Dublin. Not a part of the world I want to visit anyway. :slight_smile:

Yes, you are our Special One.

You also have a forgiving employer! Or maybe no employer :eyes:

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