Bukayo Saka (7)

No mud my ol’fruit
I certainly don’t want Saka in the England squad nor representing England.
Saka will get his head turned by Sterling , to name one prick , about money and also International football = unnecessary injuries.
Let’s also judge Saka after another season .

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Grealish loves Saka so much. Come on agent Bukayo, do your stuff!


Someone on a Villa forum is posting this the other way round.


Does that mean there are Villa versions of all of us?

Like the Mirror Universe in Star Trek?


I bet they all have goatees.


Kind of convinced Saka can do a job as centre midfielder for England. But Southgate is never going to do that.

But if he just plays Grealish or Sancho in stead of Sterling there is less of a need. Phillips is better than I thought.

That midfield 3 were really nice, worked well together, Bellingham came on and did well there’s no need to put Saka as a midfielder.

Sterling scored his goal but fluffed so many other chances. But his movement itself definitely justified his inclusion vs Croatia, but maybe not against other teams. I also didn’t like Trippier at left back at all.

I think chance creating can get a lot better. But not with this midfield and Sterling in my opinion. If he replaces Sterling the midfield can stay how it is. When somebody like Kane is leading your line there is just less need for a Sterling-type imo.

Agree with this. I think Grealish would have got Harry Kane involved a lot more. Sterling, for all the good things he did with his runs, was imprecise with his passing, shooting. With Grealish, you would get much more quality into the box for Kane to attack.

But if I already have a beard does that mean the Villa Mirror version of me is clean shaven?

No, he has a soul patch and a man bun and wants you to try his homemade kombucha.


Ughhhhh I hate kombucha.


Kombucha is nice

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With Joshua on this one, kombucha is fucking rank.

Anyway, here’s a ten year old Bukayo


Yes I’ve got into it recently. Aldi do this berry one which is delish.


Maybe I’ve just had the wrong flavors.

Would rather an iced coffee any day of the week.

From being frustrated him not playing I now hope he doesn’t play for England in the tournament. Better to have him fit for us next season since the fuck head of 1996 doesn’t have a clue what’s he doing.


Good performance tonight. Makes me uneasy though going forward.
Mixing with players at successful clubs ,talking money and trophies.
We can’t be stumbling along and outside the 4 for another season and expect to keep him. Club need to recognise this now.


I’ve already set the clock, 2 years max and he’s gone.