Bukayo Saka (7)

This I do agree with. I think if he develops at a steady rate and is surrounded by good players and good coaching then the sky is the limit for him.


Not here then :wink:



Honestly can’t work out why he keeps being picked.


Class interview after the game, speaks really well and good enthusiasm and excitement for his teammates etc

ESR Saka all brilliant to watch. Love it!!!

Such a good player I rather him the team than Pepe. In fact he is doing the stuff that most hoped Pepe would doing but is not.

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Pepe is a nob


Just a quality young kid, I’m praying he develops into a player with substantial goal / assist production.

Even if Bukayo doesn’t become elite at that part of the game though, he’ll still be influential with dribbling, ball progression, ball retention and just being a real intelligent footballer.


Judging from this goal either Arteta has shut the fuck up and is allowing the players to express themselves, or he’s really speeding up the instructions to the players on where he wants every damn pass played :joy::joy:

It’s the kind of combo play Arteta has always wanted… he states again here.

The academy boys have it in them, but Arteta is happy for them to have the licence to do it, the trust and wavelength is there.


We’re not gonna do your fucking maths for you Max, its not hard to figure it out mate.


I don’t believe him tbh, if you wanted that for so long why only now are these guys getting minutes either at all or in their rightful positions?

He’s full of it.


9 years lf age

Yeah. STFU Arteta.

Couldn’t do shit down the left flank alone.
Not sure what the deal with that was. Should have kept Ainsley on and move Auba to the right. Ainsley was gonna create space for Saka to put some good balls in for Laca and Auba.

Tierney’s so insane ffs. Man’s playing LCB/LB/LWB/LM/LW at the same time.

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Just shows that Arteta lucked out, and individual performances got him out of that shit patch. If Tierney isn’t driving down that left hand side where back to our lifeless flacid disjointed selves.


Miles better than Greenwood offers so much more

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