Bukayo Saka (7)


He was man of the match too

I was thinking that.
I thought Saka looked way more comfortable playing for England than he does for us and his passing and attacking play looked more effective as well.
Even when AMN came on he looked better playing for England than he does for us.

Was it a twitter poll?

Think so. They choose a few players then the public vote from those. Reece James and Maguire were also nominated. Didn’t see enough of the match to know who actually deserved it, but a lot of the comments say Grealish should have been nominated :woman_shrugging:

Saka didn’t really do much, certainly not MoTM. Arsenal twitter strikes again :fist:

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He was brilliant but surprised he got MOTM without an assist or a goal.

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Technically he got an assist, he won the penalty

Rubbish, looked the best player to me…
Who did you think should get it?

I’m not sure winning a penalty technically is an assist, I thought it only counted as one for the purposes of FPL.

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Yes, I think you’re right, but I live my life by FPL, so…


If FPL counts it as an assist, I count it as an assist.

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Saka is better than all of them. :man_shrugging:

Not even close lol


I can’t see any white text?

A serious Saka injury out of nothing will just put the icing on the cake being an Arsenal fan.