Bukayo Saka (7)

I’ll say this, I don’t believe he’ll sign a longterm extension at us for much less than 200k a week.

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Bigger clubs with established winning pedigree could get away with paying Saliba less than us. Until we have cemented our status as being on par with those clubs, we’re likely going to have to pay players like Saliba more to sign on with us.

Yeah I suppose that’s a bit like how Real Madrid got away with having Benzema on 180k or so, we don’t have that luxury, pedigree or runs on the board by winning the league and or CL every other year.

Barca should sign him, they love a crippled French boy for life. He could be their new Umtiti.




Lovely interview :slight_smile:

Look at Arteta’s smile.



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Well referenced and agree completely that we need to sign another RW this summer to cover/provide competition for Saka. I’d be very happy with either Raphinha or Diaby.

Isn’t Diaby primarily left?

From what I can see he can play on either wing effectively. Very quick and seems like a natural finisher as well.

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I think he’s good on either side. Alonso had the wingers interchange when they faced Roma.

For what is worth, Ι think the winger(or even forward) pursuit is over with Nelson extending.

At best one of the midfielders we get will have the capacity to play as a winger if needed. Mount and Kudus can do that. I presume whoever else is on the list may have the ability to do that too.

Yep, too many minutes definitely. You could add a few games in the Europa league too where he probably shouldn’t have played, but we almost had no other decent options at the time (Nelson and ESR were out, before Trossard came).

That’s probably the main reason why he looked so weak in the final games.

We absolutely have to add another top winger/forward.

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He was initially when Havertz played there who started on the right and did that arrive late in the box central kind of thing a lot, whilst Moussa used to dash down the left side a bit like a winger.

Since Havertz left Diaby has played some on the right some on the left, recently a lot on the right side. But he can do both.

Wanted a release clause in his contract.




They’re right. Release clauses is one easy way to find yourself fucked. Imagine setting a release clause of £150m, Saka hits a mad form when it becomes active and we lose him without even having a say or time to prep for it.

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Whats the problem here? This is surely a good thing.

I think the problem is the agent pushing for it to be included. Doesn’t really paint a good picture with regards intentions a few years down the line.

How many top clubs in the PL have allowed release clauses for their star players? Can’t remember the last time it happened

Not really noteworthy is it

@Mr_Nostalgia you could say that but really he ensured the very best deal for his client, he’s just done his job