Bukayo Saka (7)

What wages(in pounds) would you offer Saka for his next contract?

  • 100-150k pw
  • 150-200k pw
  • 200-250k pw
  • 250-300k pw
  • 300-350k pw
  • 350+k pw

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To anyone who voted under 200k pw, do you really want Saka gone? :rofl:

He’s legit one of the best players in the league and has consistently shown improvement year or year ever since his debut. He has every right to ask to be paid equally to the likes of Jesus and Partey at the very least.

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I’d offer something in the upper end of the 150k to 200k bracket, if he insisted upon 200k plus I’d obviously give him it.


Interested to know what the hold up on this one is though? If we’ve managed to get Martinelli tied down then what’s the sticking point with this one?

He just turned 21, so I can see him taking something like £180k which is probably a big upgrade. Plenty of opportunity to go higher in the next couple of years.

Gunnerblog has been flogging the shit out of his explainer article on why contracts take so long if you’re really interested :smiley:


Couldn’t think of anybody I’d rather not read an article from more than him. But thanks for the offer lol


He has the same agent as Nketiah and Balogun. For both of those guys we entered the last months of their deal before they signed a new one.
Saka first renewal was tricky as well back in 2020.

Guy is gonna squeeze everything out of us and with how well Saka is doing at the minute he has zero reason to rush to a new deal.

Reckon before the WC I would’ve said ~200k pw is probably fair but he had a great showing at the WC and has returned to Arsenal better than ever.
Think his agent can certainly make a case about him being our best player and thus deserving to be paid in that way.


I expect it will be 200k or better but I’d like him to take around 180k and we can up it again if he stays consistent or gets even better.

125-150k for year one. Increase in pay for year two (200k) and so on. I feel it should be like this for players as young as Saka.

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Agree but it never seems to happen. Too much player power probably preventing it but I’m surprised clubs don’t push for it more, would keep players motivated.

I think the issue is that certain sides would be very willing to offer him double that when he’s a free agent in less than 18 months.

Hopefully we’ll find a middle ground and Saka will ultimately be the deciding factor(usually that’s the case but there are agents who decide where players go).

Just to be clear there are exactly zero circumstances I would read it in too :slight_smile:

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Forget the age, judge him for what he does on the pitch. Those saying 150k or less, please name me 5 better RW in world football ?

250k a week, 5 year deal for mine, get it done Arsenal.


I hate Goebbelsblog so much that my phone has saved it as a suggestion so whenever I type the letters g and o one after another that is the first thing that comes up.


Who’s the other famous arsenal blogger?

The Irish one who was like the OG football blogger?


Ahh that’s the one, he’s quite good isn’t he?

He is the OG and the podcasts between him & Gunnerblog are the best.

I honestly don’t get the hate Gunnerblog receives.

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Its cos he’s a shill for the club, hence the nickname Goebbelsblog.