Bukayo Saka (7)

Same here that was fantastic to see with the crowd responding likewise

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We are a different team, the mentality shift is amazing :star_struck: for such a young team. To go a goal down and the team just responds asking the supporters to fire :fire: them up. They didn’t look phased at all.

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Not bad company


I used to think that as well, but it’s just his playing style. He isn’t your usual explosive winger always looking to use their pace advantage. He has genuinely got a football brain well ahead of his years. He knows how to position his body perfectly to receive passes, very strong, and knows how to shift his balance too offset the opponent. It does look all slow motion but his style is actually ridiculously effective. Not your average winger - He’s almost more like a CAM than a winger.


I only see Saka and that Napoli guy in the list, Food delivery league G/A don’t count.

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Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Fuck me if we ever sign this dude, what a terribly difficult name.

Everyone calls him Kvaradona


Cedric’s greatest career achievement isn’t winning the Euros, it’s teaching Bukayo to swim.

Never said he wasn’t effective with his play, just think that adding more explosiveness might be the key to him going up another level.

Explosiveness involves 2 things I reckon. Firstly, it’s that lightning quick acceleration to burst past a defender. Secondly, I would say it’s having super quick feet to get a powerful shot away before anybody can stop you.

Saka has definitely developed that second aspect. The goal on the weekend (and the one that hit the post) is very fresh evidence of that.

And even though he’s not as quick as Martinelli or Mudryk, his ball carrying speed is still frightening.

And if he did bulk up his legs / ass to be a yard faster, then I think he loses arguably his greatest physical quality which is his balance.

He is explosive but it’s very subtle mind you. I get the whole slow motion argument.

He’s very methodical on how he uses it. Doesn’t last long and usually does it in short spaces.

A breath of fresh air compared to your traditional “kick it into space and run” wingers out there. He actually puts a lot of thinking in what he does. It’s what makes him so good.

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I really love his fast skinny legs.


There’s really no reason why he has to lose any balance. Getting more explosive doesn’t automatically mean unhelpful weight gain.

Explosiveness doesn’t require him to just become that type of winger. It’s really about having more strings in the bow. Maybe every now and then he does just knock it forward and outsprint someone and then another time he doesn’t do that because both are the best move relative to the situations.

Nominated for PL POTM.

Please, please sign the contract. :pray:

Why wouldn’t he

Can’t see any way Saka, the humble kid, screwing his boyhood club in any shape or form. He’d sign a contract just to get us a better fee if we were shit and while we’re top of the league challenging…why would he go anywhere else?

All gonna be about the wage and probably more his agent pushing the best for him (rightly so) rather than Saka himself.

He’s proving himself this season, far more consistent and impactful than previously where he could be hit and miss at times. He deserves something around 200k if we tie him down for 5-6 years.

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Arteta and Saka has been a successful partnership since day one, even in the average seasons.
Arteta is the coach to take him for the next level and Saka will recognise that and sign.

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make him our highest paid player, our own academy boy