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BT Sports are showing The Big Match Revisited well worth watching. For all those who want to watch 70’s 80’s football then this is great .
Seeing the likes of Charlie George , Rodney Marsh , Frank Worthington , George Best , Alan Brazil, Ray Clemence , Liam Brady etc etc .
It’s a cracking hours viewing , with some wonderful football . It’s weird to see some of today’s PL teams in the old fourth division.
Give it a go .


What a tune that was too.

See if Liverpool do fuck it up again this season.

I want the Crystanbul sequel to be commentated by Mcmanaman, that moronic braindead curly haired cunt.

Orgasming every time Blackpool attacked today.


He was so disappointed any time they didn’t execute properly, he’d even yell “noooo” if a cross was poor or something.

I can slightly get it though, they were creaming for a giant killing.

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It’s not just about the giant killing for Macca. He has a dislike for arsenal. Remember when we lost 2-1 at Everton in December 2016 after being 1-0 up? He was co-commentating and actually screamed when Everton scored the winner in the 85th minute


Has anyone told him BT Sport doesn’t have a treatment table and physio yet?


When you thought BT’s coverage couldnt get any worse…


Officially announced by BT

Thankfully, I don’t watch BT.

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what a cunt

Oh god, who thought this was a good idea.



Don’t see why he couldn’t do alright as a pundit.

He’ll probably give his side of the 2012 saga in one of the PL Tonight episodes.

I’m certainly interested in hearing his perspective on being a cocksucking rapist turn coat piece of shit.


He already gave it in a statement on his website.

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This is more like it

Peter crouch a big name?

He’s 6ft 7, you don’t get much bigger than that… :smile:

Seriously, though, I think he’ll be good. He’s quite funny on his podcast. He can bring the personality to the BT Sport studio, while RVP and Joe Cole bring err :thinking:


They have to rearrange the entire studio to fit him in