Bruno Guimarães

Heck there’s no words in this :joy:

Oh, gee, thanks for your help then :roll_eyes:

Is that a rolled r?


The fact that he’s Brazilian with a Spanish passport instantly makes him our most technically proficient player. Get it done.


Read that he was on his way to Benfica. If they get him, they’re gonna immediately slap a 100M release clause on em and cash in on him in a few years when Real come calling.

But it is concerning that all these sources are Brazilian and not a peep of him being uttered in the UK. It could be his agent trying to drum up interest or Edu is really working on getting him in.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we are monitoring his situation, but we are monitoring a lot of players and a lot of teams monitor this guy too.
I feel like Paranaense are trying to create some fuss and so they get more money out of his eventual departure. Reminds me a lot of the Torreira and Tierney deals.

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I agree that we don’t know if this Bruno Andrade of is actually available. But I wouldn’t be concerned at all if English sources don’t mention certain targets or transfers until it has happened. They don’t know nothing.

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Interesting if true.

Its hard to compete against Benfica for talents from SA but I’m tempted to say anything other than sealing the deal here will be a notch against Edu.

Honestly, saw your post and the instant reaction was “couldn’t really give a shit if we’re beaten to South Africa’s top talents, I think we’ll be alright without 'em mate”

Its been a long week.

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This sounds an awful lot like somebody putting pressure on Benfica to get this done, quickly.


That makes sense. It reminds me of the Everton Soares rumors last year and almost all of them were coming from Brasil and it ended up not being true.

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Aaand, it’s dead.

He’s probably shit

Throwing the Arsenal name around works every time.

The joys of following this club.

Why? Lyon don’t tend to make such a big spend on a player that isn’t of some talent. And Guimaraes looks pretty legit…there’s stats to back up his quality, it’s not just Madrid fans jerking off to some smoke that the south american press sold them like with Exequiel Palacios.

I have no idea who we’re going to get as a 6. Starting to fear it’s gonna be fucking Xhaka and Torreira still next season. Or maybe just Torreira. Not sure which is worse.

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It was a throw away comment tbh. He could turn out world class lol