Bruno Guimarães

Can someone spell his surname phonetically for me? Ta.

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So, anybody know if this guy is decent?

What the fuck position does he even play specifically?

Somebody eshplain this shit to me

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How will Brexit affect this stuff immediately after Jan 31st?

Anyone can answer that. Not just you Cal :grin:







On Friday’s Arsecast, he spoke to a guy who explained all this. Basically it’ll be harder to sign players, especially if they’re under 18. If you’re really interested then it’s worth a listen. Plus, be good if someone on here (with a better memory than me) could listen and remember for when this question inevitably gets asked again :laughing:

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Guy looks legit.

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Thanks for clearing that up


These stories coming from Brazil? Because we had a lot of those sources saying we had signed Everton and he even scheduled a medical, last summer. Turned out to be all :poop:

I did listen to that but I either can’t remember what was said about this specific scenario or it wasn’t covered. I have a sense that they only really covered younger player signings but definitely could be wrong cos I’ve probably listened to about a dozen other podcasts since. :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re probably right actually. I listen to a couple of European football podcasts so it might have been on one of them where they went into it more generally.

This is proof that too much information is a bad thing :laughing:

The Brazilian Jonjo Shelvey


Did Bruno also marry an S Club Junior member?

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Bruno Guimaraes

Numerous Airbag
Rubious Manager
Burgeon Samurai

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Judging solely by the whoscored stats, Bruno plays a lot of long passes. 6.3 long balls per 90 mins which would put him 4th amongst outfield players if he replicated that in the Premier League. Plays them with the success rate similar to Rodrigo of Man City.


Not that many people seem to comment on Rodrigo stats. Another fabled piece of jargon off someone to baffle us with.

As a native Portuguese speaker I can confirm it is gee-mahrez