The grief and sadness, yet pride in poor Chris’ face as he speaks about his son is so sad.

May he and that entire family get some peace.


Lmaoooo this is too much :joy::joy::joy:


I had to go and watch Floyd fight Canelo and also watched his fight with De La Hoya. Man the way he made elite fighters miss punches and countered them was unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. Only Toney ever rolled like he did in a way that I found truly masterful. Toney had some incredible fights and his ability to slip and roll was nearly unparalleled.

The master of the shoulder roll toying with elite legendary fighters like De La Hoya, Canelo, Cotto and Mosley. So good he makes fighters with ridiculous speed, technique and timing miss punches at close range.

Meanwhile big boy Fury gets dropped by Steve Cunningham, 4 times by Deontay Wilder, tagged for fun by Otto Wallin and beaten up by John McDermott.

There’s level to this game not everybody will get that unfortunately.

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Pernell Whitaker and Floyd are my two favourite defensive fighters ever in terms of how they made guys miss punches.

Hopkins is my favourite boxer ever and had such an uncanny ability to make fighters look bad and miss a lot of punches with his fundmentally sound and methodical approach.

Herol Graham was very good at that. Not quite in that class though but still pretty unique in his day.

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Incredible fighter. So overlooking when people talk about top British fighters.

Shame he’s remembered most for the Jackson knockout these days.

Do you remember Kirkland Laing?

Yeah I do. Quite possibly the most naturally gifted talented British boxer. Just the discipline outside the ring and distractions but poetry in motion on his day.
Truly was a brilliant generation of fighters in the 80s in this country.

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How close was Floyd to being knocked out by a 38 year old Mosley?

Yeah. Britain produced a golden generation of fighters in the 80s and early to mid 90s.

Honeyghan, Laing, Graham, Lewis, Eubank, Benn, Watson, Bruno, even Hamed on his early come up was as good as any lower weight fighter in the world at one point. Calzaghe and Hatton were two top fighters that came at the tail end of that production line and had good careers.

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I’m liking this because the “stupid emoji” crying kid liked it and it’s brilliant.

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It’s amazing how the fluffer waits about four or five days before he chimes in.

All after the Lord Mayor’s Show.

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Mr Clean Cut is trying to unleash his inner road man to intimidate the opposition. He just looks a bit unhinged, like he’s been on that hard food to cope with Usyk taking him apart.

Citing Nicky Barnes like he’s from Harlem and not fucking Watford :joy: :joy:

Even he doesn’t look convinced by what he is saying. I mean, the mouth is saying the words but the eyes and rest of the face can’t seem to buy into that.


That was some hardcore cringe shit.


Lmfao what was that. Guy looks like he’s been sleeping rough

Man back when he was fighting Klitschko, one thing that really endeared me to AJ was how humble he was, especially when speaking to the more experienced challenger. He just seemed like a good lad with bags of talents, as his career as went on though he’s completely regressed as a fighter and a person. So many fucking sponsorship deals and stupidly long walk ins in front of the home crowd have poisoned the lads mind.

There’s nothing wrong with being a show man and getting paid in this sport, it’s what it’s all about these days, but it just feels so disingenuous. He’s clearly surrounded himself with some absolute muppets because he doesn’t seem anything like he used to, he’s let the shite side of the sport corrupt him and not embraced the important side, the fundamentals and art of boxing. I do think a lot of this is the fact the division is so dog shit that anyone who has an ounce of talent can clean up, fighters aren’t being tested enough, there’s no ferocity in the competition.

I think that’s why I enjoyed the Usyk win so much, dude came out and unravelled all the bullshit with excellent fundamentals. No showboating, no bullshit PR, just went to work and reminded AJ this division isn’t all easy street.


Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul agreed siiiiiuuuu

This sounded like it started off as a full on joke before the serious vibes kicked in for him mid banter. A rare microphone slip up from the big man.