As expected

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Apparently Fury started making more demands after Usyk agreed to his initial ones. Exactly as was predicted

He knows from the Wallin fight he has troubles with southpaws

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Fury/Chisora IV it is then :slight_smile:

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Wembley is booked, Fury’s training team is over with Sugar Hill scheduled to be over in a couple of weeks. Definitely Fury wasn’t preparing for a fight. Zzzzzzzzz

Anthony Joshua has finally admitted to ducking Tyson Fury.
Michael Benson on Twitter: “Anthony Joshua on if the Tyson Fury fight will happen: “I can’t say I’m just going to wait for this geezer. There are other great fights out there I can have. Without Fury on my record I will not regret my whole boxing career. If he is on it, I am on it. If he is not, whatever.”” / Twitter

AJ has definitely not ducked Fury at any stage - what bollocks.


That’s from AJ’s own mouth. Anyone who says differently is extremely delusional.

He literally doesn’t say he ducked him lol


Answer me this, why is Anthony Joshua doing interviews with kids? Things must be bad when they push him out to the kids or disabled people (Whole point is to garner the casuals)

I’m seeing 5,000 unsold tickets still available for this crap fight against Wanklin on fools day.

I don’t need to answer any of your stupid questions

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Didn’t Okolie call Eddie Hearn bitter and jealous yesterday? Yes, yes he did.

At this stage you’re just rambling.

Can you please explain what you mean by this?

Okolie’s own mouth

I’m so confused as to what this has to do with AJ allegedly ducking Fury?

You’ve posted comments AJ made which make no reference to him having ducked Fury. Then you mentioned Hearn and Okolie.

What’s the relevance?

Why the fuck is my OA feed getting gummed up with some bullshit from some boxing promotion shill???


Joshua was offered the fight in December with a 60/40 split - he passed.

If you can’t accept Okolie’s words you are stupid (Probably for life)

No he didn’t pass. Fury set the most unrealistic deadline imaginable lol

He did (facts), the fight hasn’t happened. Remember (key here) Fury was/is the a-side.