Bournemouth vs Arsenal (PL) 0-3

Bournemouth vs Arsenal

Saturday 2022-08-20T16:30:00Z
Premier League
Vitality Stadium

  • Bournemouth win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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3-0…please and thank you

3-0 Arsenal

2-0 AFC - Bournemouth will sit way, way back and force us to break them down, hope for some lucky play or set piece… probably an annoying game, but we’ll be way too much for them.

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Bournemouth win, trust me, I’m from the future. :+1:

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Well can you go back and stay there. We don’t want any of that negativity in the present.


should beat them really, we are on a nice run

Love to be able to look forward to our games again

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This one will be tough.

I’ll go for a tough 1-2

Why the fuck @GC-Maniac voted a Bournemouth win?? :joy:

He doesnt think he’ll pop his Cherry


He doesn’t think that really


Happy @Flexo is with me.

5-3 to us


We should be too powerful but I think Bournemouth will give a good account for themselves, but ultimately they’ll end the game empty handed.

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3-1 or 4-1 we win

Why are you all giving them goals? I know our defence is our weak link, but it’s not weak enough to let bloody Kieffer Moore fill his boots!

Didn’t they score 2 against Villa?

Fuck I don’t know want to wait a week for this game


0-4 Jesus hattrick