Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electronics Vs Arsenal (UEL)


Mannnnn. Of all the players who left in the past 9 years or so this one hurts the most in my opinion. He challenges Bergkamp and Ozil for most eye-pleasing Arsenal player.


Women get their hair done, men get their hair cut. :sunglasses:


Fuck, I meant to say haircut :smiley:


Hleb was an insane talent but that lack of ‘end product’ was beyond frustrating. A better version of Gervinho who was to follow a few years later basically.


Spot on. That bench though… looking forward to seeing a few of those in action – not Akpom!


That bench is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Of all time. :gabriel:


fucking cunt is playing nelson defensively again, WHY…WHY does he fucking do this, this guy is talented and an attacking threat puts him at wingback god i cant wait until wenger pisses off from our club utter shithouse! AMN is not a wingback either but plays his best in midfield why is wenger fucking around with kids careers like this play players in their correct positions FFS, its gotta knock their confidence!

Really wanted to see the best out of nelson today but now he has to run back and forth getting no help from that prick in front of him, fucking cunt of a man wenger you are destroying any talents we get hold of.


The first team is a combination of experience and a few younger players.

The bench consists of only inexperienced younger players and Akpom is the only player who has played in the first team.

Saying that, we easily have enough quality to beat a team from Belarus who’s claim to fame seems to be it’s links to the manufacturing of farming equipment industry.


The wing backn role in our setup is hardly a defensive position :joy:


I’m sure this night will also be remembered fondly…


We’re fucked


Walcott :gabriel:


Nelson as WB again. Genius Wenger!


The stadium looks like an inflatable!


I guess i’m ITK :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

First team should be enough to get the job done, but a big ask for any of the yoof off the bench to bail us out if we get in trouble. Looking for big games from Wilshere and the wally


Still can’t decide if their ground looks cool or ugly, wish i was out there tho :frowning:

Looks like an Aero bar to me


Interesting design…


10 minutes to kick off here in Belarus, it’s the mighty Arsenal vs BATE… Aaaaand it’s LIVE… on MDC

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