Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electronics Vs Arsenal (UEL)


Change of prediction with that many names not travelling, I think it’s highly unlikely we get the win. We will progress from the group winning all the home games, but I pray when we get to the knockout stages Wenger prioritises the Europa League over the League.


Wonder what the away fans make of leaving half the squad at home


fucking hope not, really want to see what these kids can do in their natural positions really ant to see nelson in an attacking position, fucking waste using talents like this and it wont change until wenger fucks off. Its beyond irritating his ‘education’ why do they need educating on other positions before they can play well in the position they are in just fucking play them there. A striker shouldnt need to know how to defend he never seems to play defenders as fucking forwards why does he insist on fucking sticking attacking players in defensive positions.


On a slight side note UEL is a shit acronym.


It’s basically the same squad who faced Cologne, tbh.


Didn’t we have Iwobi and the Saed vs them ? Bellerin also ?


And Alexis!!! Not the same team at all Luca, lol.


So what do we expect the starting 11 to be ?


It’s not as strong as the Cologne XI at all as we aren’t bothering with natural wing backs + no Sanchez. There are a few players - let’s start with Iwobi - who appear fit, was not utilised vs wba and you’d expect to be playing here. Coquelin?

Ospina; Mustafi, Mertesacker, Holding; Wilshere, Elneny; Nelson, Walcott, Willock, M-Niles; Giroud


Yeah I think it will be exactly that. Wenger said it’d be an experienced 11 with a young bench. I’d like to see Nelson in the number 10 role, but he’s sure to be a wing back seeing as we don’t have any!


This is gonna be an awful game to watch, isn’t it?


Yeah especially when you have to get up at 3am to watch it on a weeknight :eyes:


Yeah a 6pm kick off on a Thursday is a new low. Should be a laugh though.

There are some great team names in the Belarusian league. Dinamo Brest is a particular favourite. And at the weekend BATE beat FC Slutsk 6-0. The sluts couldn’t master bate but can Arsenal? :speak_no_evil: (sorry, couldn’t resist).


Who gives a fuck. Just get the 3 points :wink:


Reunited, and it feels so good :musical_note:


I didn’t even know the kick off time. Probably won’t be back from work. @Bl1nk can you take care of MDC? :slight_smile:


After Hleb jumped ship in 2008 after his best season with us? :rage:

This time is so awkward for a kick off haha. Suddenly now I have to be interested in game that start when I finish work :disappointed:


Aussie, you do it to yourself man. Record it and watch it later like me!


I’m getting my hair done at 5.30 but should be back in time for the game. :+1: