Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electronics Vs Arsenal (UEL)


UEFA Europa League Group Stage
Matchday 2
Thursday 28 September 2017
Borisov Arena
KO: 18:00

Rotate everyone and yes that is their full name :wink:

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I thought from the title that we were in for another Cristo special.

Jack should be getting a nice run out, perhaps 90mins in this. Hope he does well. :slight_smile:


@Calum gets a like for using ARSENAL LONDON in the poll. :giroud3:


If it’s good enough for BATE it’s good enough for us. :sunglasses:


We should master BATE


over one leg or both?


Insert obvious joke about us being wank most of the time here.


Their stadium is kinda funny-lookin’ :eyes: Would’ve been a good one to check off the list


Ozil, Jack, Giroud & Iwobi to get a start, I think we will edge it 2-1


@cristo with the cheeky likes


Expecting a poor match with few chances, we’ll edge it like Aussie says.


What a shit name! I mean Bate :wenger:

The same line-up that started against Cologne.


Ozil? Don’t think so.


Yeah I get the feeling he will start as he hasn’t played in nearly 2 weeks basically.


Özil Iwobi and Giroud to start.

Bet you fucking Walcott starts though :disappointed:

Although I’m loving him getting 0 minutes in the PL

Who’s our back up WB’s?

Swear we don’t have any :joy:


Oh dear God, we’re actually playing a team with “tractor” in their name. We left Highbury for this!


I like tractors.


Yeah Ozil has to start here


Now I know what BATE means I like them and will feel sorrow when we defeat them 1-0.


At least we will get to see us score a few goals in a European competition.

Our attack will plough through their defence.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that. We only managed one at home to Doncaster. Who knows if we can do it on a cold Thursday night in Belarus